80 rooms with 160 beds: Mashmayr rents a hotel for Ukrainians

80 rooms with 160 beds: Mashmayr rents a hotel for Ukrainians

80 rooms with 160 beds
Maschmeyer rents a hotel for Ukrainians

Most of the refugees leave Ukraine via Poland. That’s why Lower Saxony entrepreneur Maschmeyer is renting an 80-room hotel in Hoyerswerda, Saxony, on the German-Polish border. He wants to settle the families here for the next few months.

Entrepreneur Carsten Maschmeyer is committed to helping refugees from Ukraine. Based on information from his environment, the investor is looking to rent a hotel in Hoyerswerda, Saxony, on the Polish border, for families from Ukraine. 160 beds are to be provided in 80 rooms. In addition to sleeping places, the kitchen and conference rooms can also be used as lounges for children. Breakfast is also provided to Ukrainians. This support is initially planned for several months, with the option to extend it.

Women, children and the elderly in particular have been fleeing the Eastern European country since Russian forces began attacking Ukraine on 24 February. Most of the refugees leave their country across the border to Poland. According to the United Nations, an estimated four million people will arrive at the borders in the next few weeks.

Close friends of former Chancellor Schroder

Back in 2015, Carsten Maschmeyer and his wife, actress and producer Veronica Ferres, were taken in by two families who fled Syria for several weeks at their private home. The 62-year-old entrepreneur recently announced that none of his funds will be invested in start-ups that include Russian investors. So far he has invested only in Western start-ups.

Maschmeier, considered a close friend of former chancellor Gerhard Schröder, told NTV about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Western behavior here that German politics had long been nave. Because neither the Russian media nor the political system in Russia is transparent, no one can really assess Putin. In Russia you have “One Person Show” with dramatic effects. Maschmeier did not comment on Schröder’s refusal to distance himself from Putin after the attack on Ukraine.

The former chancellor has come under sharp criticism from several quarters, partly because he remains in his positions at state or state-related Russian energy companies. That is why the party order process is now going on in the SPD against Schröder.

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