Bradley Cooper: The Doppelganger is a Shopper – Curious Findings in the United States | Entertainment

Bradley Cooper: The Doppelganger is a Shopper - Curious Findings in the United States |  Entertainment

Strange Manhunt in the United States ,

the thief looks like bradley cooper

He… No, it’s not him!

Police in the US state of Georgia are searching for a shoplifter – and many make fun of it. Reason: The man looks like a plump, spotless version of Hollywood star Bradley Cooper (47, “A Star Is Born”).

The man, who would easily pass up as the actor-director’s double (at least in photos), stole a nearly $600 rotary laser from a hardware store on July 23. She was filmed by a surveillance camera. Police used the recording to launch a search on Facebook.

Anyone who knows the thief should call the police to the Henry County Police Department stationed in McDonough. Presumably, small-town police rarely initiate an appeal that has received much attention. The post was shared over 900 times and commented on over 500 times.

Users jumped straight to Cooper Doppelganger. “Well, that’s easy. Bradley Cooper. There you go,” said one woman. Another wrote, “You know it’s tough times when Bradley Cooper steals.” Another commented, “Guess That Bradley Cooper has given up on his diet.”

One user just wanted to make sure he wasn’t the only one to notice the bizarre resemblance. “I just wanted to comment that he looks like Bradley Cooper. I’m glad I did.” [mit der Meinung] was not alone. But seriously, isn’t this a joke? Isn’t that BC? [Bradley Cooper]?”, he wrote.

This isn’t the first time that an American actor’s doppelganger is wanted for alleged shoplifting: In October 2018, a man resembling “Friends” star David Schwimmer (55) was wanted for stealing beer. The man was sentenced to nine months in prison. Schwimmer was astonished by the story at the time, posting on Twitter that he was not.

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