According to a study, hops can prevent Alzheimer’s

According to a study, hops can prevent Alzheimer's

The insidious thing about Alzheimer’s is that the physical processes that lead to the development of the disease are insidious and go unnoticed. Researchers are more preoccupied with the question of how to counteract it and prevent dementia.

According to most dementia researchers, Alzheimer’s occurs when the production of beta-amyloid protein in the brain becomes unbalanced and amyloid plaques form. Hence beta-amyloid or amyloid-beta.dementia protein“Nominated. This is precisely this process that scientists hope to be able to dock more precisely: they want to find a way to stop this process. In this context, even on health-promoting foods.” Attention is given, such as B. Hops.According to a recent study, it should be able to protect against Alzheimer’s.

Health Promoting Foods (Nutraceuticals)

Nutraceuticals is a slang term from “nutrition” (English: food) and pharmaceutical. It refers to those foods or components of foods that not only nourish, that is, provide the energy and nutrients necessary for life, but also have health-promoting or healing effects.1 There is no definite definition of what a nutraceutical actually can and cannot be. In general, however, the following nutrients are added:

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Hops are also considered beneficial for health

Hops include among other things essential oil And flavonoids, According to research findings, the latter are also among nutraceuticals.2 For example, hops should be cool and Sleep help.3 Studies have also shown that it improves cognitive functions and, as an extract, inhibits beta amyloid production in rats.4.5 That’s why hops are now the focus of Milan’s new Alzheimer’s study.

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To what extent can hops protect against Alzheimer’s?

As part of their study, the Italian research team tested four different hop varieties, which they extracted from plants using a technique similar to beer brewing. The varieties were two US (Cascade and Summit), one Czech (Saaz) and one German (Tetananger). In vitro experiments with hop varieties and cell cultures showed that hops have antioxidant properties and can prevent beta-amyloid proteins from accumulating around cells. According to studies, German hops, which are often used to make lagers and pale beer, appear to be particularly good at protecting against Alzheimer’s-triggered processes.

When scientists analyzed Tetanang hops more closely, it was discovered that they had a higher content of polyphenols and had the strongest antibiotic and amyloid-beta-inhibiting effects. In addition, studies of hop extract have shown that it enhances the body’s ability to remove misfolded (disturbing its structure and therefore its function) and toxic proteins.

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Should we all drink beer anymore?

Clearly, hops have great potential to help prevent Alzheimer’s. However, the researchers used hop extract for their study. Although it was obtained in a similar way to hops, which are used to make beer, it was used in its pure form and not in combination with hops. Liquor,

The study cannot answer the extent to which hop extract is beneficial for health. More research is needed to understand how hop use may protect people from Alzheimer’s. But one thing is clear: increasing beer consumption is not the solution.

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