Apple iPhone 15: Rumors suggest no SIM card slot

although he iphone 15 Should appear only in the next year, there are already rumors about the upcoming Apple Flagship, According to the new information, the iPhone 15 Pro is being said to be the first device without a SIM slot. This will make the smartphone more waterproof.

Existing iPhones already with integrated eSIM

Existing iPhone models already offer the option of using a digital eSIM. However, the service is not yet available in all countries, so devices still have a physical SIM card slot. Another rumor from blog on iPhone It was reported that the iPhone Pro models planned for 2023 will have two eSIMs. It guarantees dual SIM functionality.

Of course, at the present time it should be noted that this is only a rumor and not confirmed information. Blog do iPhone Not yet known for reliable iPhone leaks. It can also be speculated that Apple will change its plans in the next two years. It remains to be seen whether the iPhone 15 (Pro) actually doesn’t have a physical SIM slot. If eSIM service is available in most regions by 2023, it is quite predictable that Apple will eliminate card slots in future flagship devices.

Electricity can also be turned off

In addition to the physical SIM slot, Apple may also eliminate the Lightning port. Thus, the smartphone can only be charged wirelessly. The advantage of this is that the iPhone will no longer have a connection and will be much more waterproof. However, it is highly unlikely that the socket will disappear in early 2023.

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