Apple replaces online service Documents & Data with iCloud Drive

Apple It was announced some time ago that it would integrate the “Documents and Data” synchronization service into iCloud Drive. now he has iphone manufacturer Completed the transition, requiring users to visit iCloud Drive to view their files.

Apple announced last year that it would no longer support “Documents and Data” in the future, the company now states in a support entry (Via macromores) that the cloud service no longer exists. The service was built into iCloud Drive. Apple users now have to use iCloud Drive to access their documents and files. The conversion should have no effect on the amount of storage space used and thus also on the available storage space cloud storage no effect.

Drive without support for older systems

Most iCloud users should already have Drive service enabled, so no further steps are necessary. Only iCloud accounts created before 2014 need to manually activate Drive. If using a device with an operating system older than macOS X Yosemite or iOS 8, the service may not have been activated.

The difference between Documents & Data and iCloud Drive is that the older service stores files in a folder designated to a specific app. This means that only the app that created the data can access the documents. iCloud Drive is a full sync service, so all content is included in the Files app iOS and via Finder for iPad OS as well as MacOS. Aside from the lack of compatibility with older Apple operating systems, iCloud Drive has no disadvantages, only advantages.

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