AVM Fritz! OS 7.29: Fritz! Box 6591 cable and 6660 cable got an update

Image: AVM

AVM updates the firmware of its two cable routers Fritz Box 6591 Cable and Fritz Box 6660 Cable to the latest version Fritz OS 7.29. Improvements are being made in the areas of Internet, telephony, USB connectivity and system settings.

New firmware for current cable router

After the current AVM cable router has been quiet for a long time, the manufacturer has now introduced two models Fritz! The box has also been updated to 6591 cable and 6660 cable. The update of Fritz OS 7.29 is accompanied by the following improvements.

  • Internet:
    • [Verbesserung] Update Trusted Root Certification Authorities
    • [Verbesserung] When activating Internet access to storage media via FTP / FTPS, randomly pre-assigned port numbers are displayed
  • System:
    • [Verbesserung] Stability
  • Telephony:
    • [Behoben] Limited telephone availability when using telephony via IPv6
    • [Verbesserung] Enhanced interactivity when using encrypted telephony
    • [Verbesserung] More robust against loss of encrypted telephony connection
  • USB:
    • [Behoben] Improved compatibility with macOS 12.0 “Monterrey”
    • [Behoben] Improved compatibility with some older devices (printers, scanners)

Fritz! OS 7.29 – Improvements

In addition, various new features, such as easy prioritization of computer systems for Internet access in the home office, are making their way into the Fritz! OS 7.29, which is in the official with the manufacturer release notes The list is as follows.

  • Right of Way in the Home Office – the computer’s preference for Internet access can be easily activated
  • Fritz! Shows weather forecast on the phone start screen
  • “Wake Up/Sleep” Light Sequence for FRITZ! DECT 500 and Compatible DECT LED Lamps
  • Great indoor climate with FRITZ! DECT 440 – Easy to see moisture
  • Fritz! Smart Home now also supports compatible roller shutter controls
  • Box for integrated fax machines in FRITZ: Journal for received and sent faxes
  • Several improvements to the user interface for use of the telephone book, call diversion and call barring

Fritz! OS 7.29 – New Features

Fritz! All models’ OS versions at a glance

On this occasion, the editorial team published Fritz! Box and Fritz! Repeater as well as their Fritz! An overview of all current models of OS versions is kept.

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