Berlusconi complains, Meloni not impressed

Berlusconi complains, Meloni not impressed

Die return from silvio berlusconi Was only partially victorious in the Senate. The 86-year-old founder and party leader of the Christian Democratic Forza Italia is no longer good on his feet, needs help getting out of the car and walking. It was, of course, a great satisfaction for the entrepreneur and prime minister, the longest-reigning prime minister in the history of the Italian Republic, that, in the elections of 25 September, he was able to win a seat in the parliamentary chamber in his constituency at Monza. Were. Which he was removed in 2013, following his final sentence for a tax offense.

Matthias Rube

Political correspondent for Italy, the Vatican, Albania and Malta based in Rome.

But what happened in the constitutional session of the small parliamentary chamber on Thursday could not please “Cavalierre”. Ignazio La Russa, a 75-year veteran of the right-wing conservative Italian Brothers Party, was elected the new president of the Senate. Georgia Meloni, the newly named Prime Minister. Berlusconi gave La Russa the key post of defense minister in his fourth and last cabinet between 2008 and 2011, and he made Meloni minister of youth and sports.

But on Thursday and Friday, Berlusconi was not in charge of bargaining over presidential positions in the two houses of parliament, but just a spectator. In Italy in a tripartite alliance with the Melonis brothers – winners of the election with 26 percent of the vote – and mateo salvinis The right-wing national Lega with around nine percent, Berlusconi with his Forza Italia and a good eight percent of the vote is just third force and can’t make any big demands.

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Berlusconi vented his anger on a note

In the election of Ignazio La Russa as Senate President and thus the second person in the state – after the President sergio matarella – Berlusconi wanted to teach Giorgia Meloni, whom he saw as a rebel, a lesson: Forza Italia senators should abstain, at least in the first ballot. Despite Forza Italia’s “opposition vote”, La Russa received substantial votes on the first attempt, namely 116 out of a total of 206, including 19 votes from the ranks of the opposition. It was an embarrassment for Berlusconi, the former master of deals and collusion.

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