Bit-Raushen, Not a Processor Podcast: RISC Against CISC Processors

Bit-Raushen, Not a Processor Podcast: RISC Against CISC Processors

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RISC or CISC processors: which are faster, more efficient, more elegant – just better? Two recently announced publishers said the nearly 30-year-old controversy had become meaningless: CPU guru Jim Keller, who developed both RISC and CISC processors and Linux mastermind Linus Torvalds.

CITC editors Christophe Windeck and Carsten Spiel still separate the RISC processor from the CISC processor, which is different in 2021/05, the fifth edition of “Bit Noise: Processor Podcast”.

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Bit Noise, Episode 2021/05:

Problem column bit noise from 7/2021: CPU initial start, RISC vs. CISC and computing RAM

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