Canada: Giant Sturgeon “Pig Nose” Caught in Fraser River

Canada: Giant Sturgeon "Pig Nose" Caught in Fraser River

Pig-nosed, a monster sturgeon with a pig-like nose, is something of a mascot among sturgeons in the vast Fraser River basin in western Canada. Meanwhile, some anglers have been lucky enough to find the giant weighing about 700 pounds on hook and more than three meters long. However, it seems that the fish has a special connection with the fishing guide Nick McCabe.

Nick first caught sturgeon with a pig snout (hence the nickname “pig nose”) in August 2016. In October 2017, a sturgeon with the identification trait was caught by Nick for the second time. Then the Pig Nose disappeared into the muddy waters of the Fraser River. This year Nick was able to land the fish for the third time. On Canada’s Fraser River, anglers must release all sturgeon undamaged immediately after being caught.

The big catch can be admired on Facebook – the “River Monster Adventures” page regularly showcases impressive catches from the Fraser River.

Sturgeon on the Fraser River: Preferably with a Guide

Sturgeon fishing on the Fraser River has a long tradition. Anglers from all over the world who want to compete with a wild giant sturgeon have come to the right place on the Fraser River in the Canadian province of British Columbia.
However, fishing for sturgeon there on your own means looking for a needle in a haystack. That’s why you should hand yourself over to a guiding company. Many of them are in the Abbotsford/Chilliwack area, which is the sturgeon center there.

Top success with bottom fishing

Bottom fishing is the method of choice for catching sturgeon. You fish with pieces of salmon, and in the spring also with ulachon, a smelt species that goes to the river to lay eggs. Orange-shaped sacks of rye also lure rustic sturgeon on the hook. Bites are usually very cautious. Hardly anyone would doubt that such a large fish can bite so deftly! However, after the first try, you can quickly feel what’s hanging on the hook. Large sturgeons fight brilliantly and often jump several times during a fight.

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interesting too

Sturgeon treasure must be preserved in the Fraser River

Canadians are aware of their valuable fishing resource, which they carefully protect. The fishermen are accordingly wary of the fish. After capture, the sturgeon is usually tagged with small transmitters on the headstock, which then allow conclusions to be drawn about recapture. Also, tighter hold and release applies. When it comes to large fish over two meters long, guides like to go ashore to take some pictures. The fish is then allowed to swim again.

Tips for Tourists Fishing on the Fraser River

For anglers who aren’t quite proficient in English but who definitely want to take a vacation on the Fraser River, there are also accommodations where German is spoken.

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