“Celebrity Big Brother”: Viewers accuse Saturn of measurement error

"Celebrity Big Brother": Viewers accuse Saturn of measurement error

Updated 27 August 2021, 3:16 pm

  • On Thursday, “Celebrity Big Brother” was all about: Who can make it to the finals?
  • However, some viewers blamed the broadcaster Sat.1 of mistake.
  • In one game, time is said to be measured incorrectly – to the detriment of Papis Loveday.

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Friday evening (August 27, 8:15 pm) Sat.1) Run “Celebrity Big Brother” Finale 2021. Ballerman singer Melanie Muller, TV farmer Uwe Abel and model papis loveday She can make her place in the finals of the show to be held on Thursday (26 August). Danny Lidtke won the “Golden Ticket” to the finals in a challenge in the previous episode.

In the last broadcast before the final It was all over again. Ina Aogo was the first to leave the show – she was voted for by the audience. The remaining candidates had to compete against each other in a game in the studio. It must have come down to a measurement error, as attentive viewers suspected.

Was Papis Loveday faster than Melanie Muller?

The challenge was to make a rope hanging from a helium balloon disappear into your mouth as quickly as possible. hold down with 27 seconds Melanie Mulery as the first candidate. But Papis Loveday was able to keep up: He too did it in 27 seconds. After that both had to play against each other.

Unofficial, as alleged by some Twitter users on Station Sat.1. Several TV viewers tweeted, reportedly, that Papis was second to Melanie. “I’ve seen it five times in repetition, Papis was a second faster than Melanie Muller on the first attempt,” writes one user. “Puppis had 26 seconds on the first lap, time just went on,” complained another.

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Sat.1 checks for timing errors

While the game continued in the studio, on Saturn 1 you probably heard criticism from the audience and rechecked very carefully. At 9:43 p.m., the station announced in a tweet: “Big Brother has re-checked Melanie and Papis’ timing.” Result: Everything was perfect. Müller is said to have been a bit quicker.

In the end, it turned out well for both of them: Melanie Muller and Papis Loveday can both expect 100,000 euros in prize money this evening. Kickboxer Mary Lang had to leave the show.
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