Commentary: Perfect Letizia is exposed – by her sister

Commentary: Perfect Letizia is exposed - by her sister

According to frequent media reports, it is indeed great news, Telma Ortiz (47) and her partner Gavin Bonner are expecting a baby. sister of Letizia of Spain (48) is currently in seventh heaven. If it weren’t for his ex. She is the vocalist of Sharon Kors (51) in the band “The Kors” and the mother of their two children. And she released a new album about her broken heart, broken up by her ex and queen sister.

The perfect Letizia should not be happy with this.

You can see Letizia with her beautiful family in the video below. In a presence like this, everything is diligently planned in advance to paint a positive picture.

Sharon Kors sang Letizia’s “Corrupt Sister”

“The Fool and the Scorpion” (in German: Nerd and Scorpion) is the name of the native Irish’s new work, which will be launched in September. Sharon Core has already released the song of the same name. It says: “Can you suppress the tears of a mother’s love.” And: “They play mom and dad with my kids. Something’s sick in them and there’s no cure for you.” At the end of the song, the 51-year-old makes it clear who she is singing about: “The Queen’s corrupt sister and chameleon”.

One might imagine that this happens even in good families. Especially since it is not known whether Telma and Gavin’s relationship began or not, and Sharon has no clue. In 2019, Letizia’s younger sister and lawyer appeared together in public for the first time. At this time, the divorce is said to have already taken place in the Cor-Bonar house. Perhaps the singer will reveal more about the album.

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It would be a disaster for the royal family and Letizia personally.

Queen Letizia Tries to Save the Spanish Monarchy

This is the exodus of the former king Juan Carlos (83) In exile, Letizia’s brother-in-law imprisoned inaki urdangarin (53) Or public demand in Catalonia – The Spanish monarchy has fluctuated regularly in recent years. The 48-year-old Rani is more careful not to take the wrong step. Letizia organizes the performances of her family down to the smallest detail.

If something comes in her way, she becomes uncomfortable. Saas-Bahu experienced this in 2018 Sofia (82). During a family trip to the Easter fair in Mallorca, she held her granddaughters and posed for photographers. Letizia didn’t like it at all. she ran to the picture, got ready leonoras (15) Hands, apparently trying to stop the recording. As a former TV journalist, the emperor’s wife is well aware of the power of images.

Letizia may have had a troublesome conversation or two with her sister. She is aware of the rumors of an affair in the family – the ex-boyfriend of Juan Carlos has talked about the sewing box more often in recent months. So now another song and possibly an entire album. Telma and Gavin are faced with the question of what they did to prevent public exposure. “The Fool and the Scorpion” probably won’t be the Bourbons’ new favorite song.

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