Court lady receives a bitter rebuke at the last minute

Court lady receives a bitter rebuke at the last minute

Simone is saddened by Felix’s return.Image: RTL Screenshot

Peruvian coffee farmer Felix experiences a turbulent time with his lady-in-waiting Simone and Monica. women took a long and hard time travel To get to know the farmer, but he immediately told them that there is no hot water in his house yet. Monica checked in at the hotel while Simone stayed at the farm, but could not hide her disappointment.

Felix finds no common ground with Monica and sends her home, to which she reacts, a little surprising, very hurt: “She threw me off the cold,” she said in front of the RTL cameras. Both came to the conclusion that the other person did not show enough interest. In the final episode of the season, there was still an important question to be clarified: Is this enough for Felix and his other awaited Simone? Relation,

Felix makes an important decision

Felix experienced both ups and downs with Simone for the rest of the court week, but the two often seemed to complement each other. In the finale, the moment of truth could no longer be avoided: they had to decide how to continue… if they could continue together.

It seems that the great excitement did not occur to either of them, but Simone is convinced that feeling May still grow between them: “Love comes with time,” she says, making it clear she’ll give the relationship a chance.

Felix, on the other hand, has the same sentiment, but comes to a different conclusion. He doesn’t want to keep Simone on his property for the time being, but keeps his distance:

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“I feel like it’s going slow, it can’t go that fast. Somehow I’m still not sure if I’m ready to open up a relationship. Somehow it shone through, but I still got something remembering.”

Felix talks frankly to Monica.

Felix talks frankly to Monica.Image: RTL Screenshot

“We are in an era where we think more than we think,” he says later. In a previously direct conversation, Simone confirms Felix’s statements by responding to the farmer: “It has to grow, I think so” – but secretly she is very disappointed and admits that she has to give up the first collection. Must be processed:

“I’m smiling now, that’s my way of dealing with things. I always cry into my pillow when I’m alone.”

“Of course I’m sad, it hurts me,” she lets go of her feelings when Felix is ​​no longer with her. and further: “I think it’s a little unfair, it’s disappointing.” The reaction of the farmer is understandable given the difficulty he faced in getting to know him. And finally the two had come a little closer physically as well.

on the way to the airport, im simone shed automobile Bitter tears too. Whether Felix, who has been single for ten years, will later regret his decision, is unclear on the show.


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