Crazy Punishment After Ice Cream Show by Jocko & Klass – “Dinner for One” is being filmed again – TV

Crazy Punishment After Ice Cream Show by Jocko & Klass - "Dinner for One" is being filmed again - TV

This defeat has made the fans happy.

For the season finale of “Jocko and Class Against Pro Siben”, the employers of the two presenters brought a dirty chicken. The title of the show was changed from “Her pro Siben” to “Jocko and Klass against Pro Siben on Ice”.

And so, from the very beginning, professional ice dancers presented what the audience should expect that evening. Moderator Steven Gatzen (49) announced: “We’ve covered our beautiful LED floors with a layer of snow.”

The moderators had to wear extra-slippery shoes – but Klass Heffer Umlauf (38) was mainly fascinated by the welcome dancers of “Holiday on Ice”: “I think we’re in the Friedrichstadtpalast in 1978!”

He was sure that he would master further tasks with flying colors: “I am very good on ice. I was trained on this on ice.”

But the audience worried about Jocko Winterscheidt (42). After all, he still needed a crutch last week because of a knee injury – a slip could turn out badly.

With the first game “enter the ice rink at your own risk, parents are responsible for their children” it became riskier. Two cult mediators were given 30 attempts to complete a total of five tasks.

The first was to slide twelve meters across the surface of the ice – no part of the body could touch the ground except the feet. Joko rued stupidly: “The show has just started and I’m really fed up with it.”

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He wanted to start a test run, which Gatgen immediately assessed as a failed attempt – and shouted again: “You didn’t accept it.” But Steven had no mercy: “Jocko, he was 20 centimeters by twelve meters!” Satanically he added: “We know you can’t, but we still believe in it.”

When it came time to slide down a slide, Jocko repeatedly lay down, even hitting his head. The helmet avoided damage—but the already damaged Jocko was served: “Crap.”

Despite the other dangerous situations, the round victory went to the moderator pair. Game 2 wasn’t that much of an injury risk—against singer Sarah Connor (41) and dangerously skidding actress Palina Rosinski (36), it wasn’t easy for either of them.

“Arranging the Christmas music” was the order of the day – singers who sang a line of each Christmas carol had to be arranged in the correct order. With a singing advent calendar, an angel and smoking incense. In “All I Want for Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey (52), Sarah also slipped into her role as “The Voice” judge and was amazed: “Awesome, how you sing!”

But even the professional musician, along with his teammate Palina, could not do anything against their two opponents: this also went to Jocko and Klass.

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The finale looked like the two Cult presenters would again earn 15 minutes of airtime – but they failed miserably at darts in the final round and had to give up.

Gatjens’ announcement of a penalty from Prof Siben left the audience amused. He opened gleefully: “Ladies and gentlemen, you can look forward to a real feast. New Year’s Eve at 8:15 p.m. There’s a new edition of ‘Dinner for One’ – with Jocko Winterscheidt and Klass Heffer-Umlaf!

So after a game of slippery snow, comes a very special New Year. It is still uncertain which of the two will play “Miss Sophie”…

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