Daedalik Entertainment announced early access to its new title Godlike Burger

Daedalik Entertainment announced early access to its new title Godlike Burger

Can we take your order? Publisher Dedalic Entertainment and developer Liquid Pug LLC have launched their new title Early Access Godlike burger Announced for the first half of 2021. in Godlike burger Players have to roast burgers, run their own restaurant and creatively take their foreign customers down to take the menu as the dish of the day – without getting caught. The unique and delicious blend of cooking and restaurant simulations throws players into a strong pinch of criminal energy and space food with dark humor. For Godlike Burger A free demo will be released as part of the Steam Games Festival from 3 February to 9 February.

Godlike Burger is a commercial simulation in the style of the classic Pizza Connection in which players run a burger shop in space. The work begins with the installation of tables, appliances and decorations and ends with serving customers, who storm the restaurant in stages. Without knowing it, the customers themselves are the secret ingredient of the burger. In the role of manager and cook, players take care of their audience, trap them or choose a more direct, highly aggressive way to get “stuff” in the kitchen. It is important not to attract attention that the space police eat one of the juicy burgers in search of the missing aliens. Is that voice a bit cruel? Don’t worry: The fun comic book aesthetic allows gamers to focus on what matters. The best burger in the universe!


  • Your restaurant Space Dinner has ample parking space, seating, bathroom and other facilities for customers.
  • Your food. The food is the tastiest in the galaxy due to it being the most delicious ingredient – the customers themselves.
  • the Cook. Various foreign castes want to enjoy their burgers in a certain way. This means that every creature needs its own meat or sauce. Orders must be adapted to customer requirements.
  • Gameplay tag. During the day, waves of customers yearn for tasty food, ordering and demanding good service. They are either satisfied or they leave the restaurant before they have a chance to turn it into minced meat.
  • Gameplay Night. Every night restaurant improvements and menus can be compiled. Your own company can be managed or flown directly to new corners of the galaxy.
  • Harvest Materials. Hidden traps allow you to kill your own customers without seeing them. If the trap does not close, the good old cleaver helps secure the best pieces for the burger.
  • Avoid paying attention. The space police are a suspicious bunch. When you are eating burgers you can be alert to fugitive customers or search for complaints. The cooks are not allowed to be caught, otherwise the shop will be closed.
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Godlike burger In the first half of 2021 will be released on Steam in Early Access. More information is available at Store page.

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