Danilo Celaro settles accounts with X Aurelia: “Kindergarten”

Danilo Celaro settles accounts with X Aurelia: "Kindergarten"

danilo cellaro Disappointed. NS Are You the One – Reality Stars in Love-Star was done by his girlfriend a few days ago Aurelia Lamprecht However, the news struck the blonde out of the blue – she only found out through social media in isolation. Reason: Beau is said to have cheated on Brunette. After the end of Love, Danilo finds Aurelia’s behavior more than inappropriate, as she has now made clear!

in his instagramStory, the influencer vented his anger. That is, he saw that aurelia Will run against them on social media: “If you love a person, all you really need is time for yourself and you don’t write everyone back and try to really spoil that person.” He could not understand where this hatred came from. “What’s your goal? Do you want to expose me even more? I don’t understand,” Bahubali got angry.

However, in the meantime, the pain of separation of tattoo lover seems to be over. “To be honest, I don’t care anymore, I’m too old for this and too old to turn people on to other people. To me, it’s all bullshit and kindergarten”Stressed on danilo.

Instagram / aurelialamprecht

Aurelia Lamprecht, Reality-TV-Star
Aurelia Lamprecht and Danilo Celaro
Danilo Celaro, Reality-TV-Star

Instagram / danilosellaro

Danilo Celaro, Reality-TV-Star
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