Desiree makes a devastating decision about Nick Heidi Klum

Desiree makes a devastating decision about Nick Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum faced a lot of criticism for “GNTM”.Image: Imago Images / Imago Images

Eight years earlier, Nathalie Volk participated as a candidate in “Germany’s Next Top Model”: In the ninth season of the talent show, she made it to the semi-finals and finished fourth. But even without a win on “GNTM”, Nathalie began a TV career and has already appeared in “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!”, “Goodbye Germany” and “The Story of My Life”. Huh. Plus, she regularly lands with him. Relationship Media entrepreneur Frank Otto is in the limelight.

Today, Nathalie is anything but good at “GNTM”. After the former candidate, Lijana Kagwa made serious allegations on the show and Heidi Klum Raised, Nathalie also spoke. She shared a screenshot of the video on her Instagram story and also raised her voice against the format. After this ProSieben took legal action against him. In Desiree Nicks’ podcast “Lose Louder,” the 25-year-old still followed up and teased Heidi Klum in particular.

Nathalie Volk explains: “GNTM” model portfolio has no value

Initially, Desiree wanted to know from the model how things were going for her after she left “Germany’s Next Top Model”. She just kept going, Nathalie answered confidently, as she had already modeled in Milan before “GNTM”. Slightly impressed, Nick asked the Munsterland native: “Are you a girl with experience who goes to agencies with books and catalogs and shows portfolios?” Nathalie then clarified with some amusement:

Desiree is not too surprised and joins in the blasphemy. A neighbor’s daughter is a model herself and said the following to her about “Germany’s next top model”: “Anyone who has ever been exposed to ‘GNTM’ has taken themselves out of the loop for any sort of serious model career.” Then there is “Out of the Question” for the big show in Milan, Paris Or New York, added Desiree and added maliciously: “There’s absolutely no demand for this carnival to be there. The girls must be pure.”

“Very ethically dubious”: Desiree Nicks denounced about Heidi Klum

During the conversation, he also talked about Nathalie’s zoff with ProSieben. He explained to Desiree why he had commented on Lijana’s post. “I thought the video was great. The way she described it was very brave of her and she is telling the truth.” The video rekindled Nathalie’s feelings and she too fell, “Because such trauma is still in you ten years later.”

La Nick only praised the action, appreciating it, saying: “I think it’s great because you’re women, Everyone always talks about strong women who should have a strong voice at this time. And Heidi has always wanted to promote strong women. She always tells girls, be strong women, have personality.” But hardly anyone comes out of it Opinion And don’t parrot him, Heidi Klum doesn’t even fit, teased the cabaret artist.

Nathalie had to laugh when she said Heidi wanted to promote strong women:

In his opinion, this is sad, Nathalie said. Desiree agreed, saying: “One must have sensitivity and empathy, but she plays her power on little girls. And what’s easier than playing her power on little girls who trust her?” It was morally very questionable, Nick said, “like everything Heidi Klum has ever done”.


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