Dieter Bohlen again follows fraud charge

Dieter Bohlen again follows fraud charge

Dieter Bohlen speaks to his fans with a special message.Image: Instagram / Dieter Bohlen

anymore dieter bohlen Since retiring from “DSDS” last year, he has spent a lot of time on the sunny island of Mallorca. From there he brainstormed new TV jobs and what big project he might start next: “If it’s possible, of course I’d like to try something new that will blow your mind. And of course it takes time, so give me some time to think.”

about their stay Spain By the way, he said about a year ago: “Carina and I still let our soul mate here. Let me be honest, we don’t want to leave here at all. It’s great, of course we do ours too, we’ve also done Camp David and all kinds of companies here. We are fine and I wish you the same.”

The pop titan makes frequent appearances in a variety of luxury spots: sometimes in villas with pools or on an expensive boat. In form of “PictureNow Reported, for example, the last property shown, in which he interviewed Frocke Ludovig his big comeback, would not be his, but that of real estate agent Marcel Remus. Bohlen quickly responded with the title “Luxury Life and Dream Villa on Instagram: How Bohlen Really Lives on Malle”.

Dieter Bohlen makes a candid statement

According to the “Build” article, Bohlen owns a 90 square meter apartment instead of a luxurious house. Its value is about 700,000 euros. It should include a balcony and two storage rooms. He must move around the island with a scooter or a mini. An alleged friend told the newspaper about his living situation: “Dieter uses his connections, everyone on the island knows him. He does. fun,

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At first Bohlen said: “The whole truth is this: the apartment, the scooter, etc., are not even mine.” The 68-year-old also added: “I own Male as much as most do: nothing.” For a recording that featured him on a rubber canoe, he asserted with an ironic tone: “Well, I’ll admit: I bought it and it was mine.”

Here Dieter Bohlen sails across the ocean in a rubber dinghy.

Here Dieter Bohlen sails across the ocean in a rubber dinghy.Image: Instagram / Dieter Bohlen

It was precisely this photo that Bohlen took as an opportunity to do it again. He shared the following message with his more than 1.5 million followers in his story: “One more thing: believe me, I was 1000 times happier than their million-dollar yachts this time.” And further: “Happiness always comes from within, never from outside. You can’t buy it.”


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