Documents prove lobbying efforts at UN-report

Documents prove lobbying efforts at UN-report

In a UN report on climate change, experts call for an early end to fossil fuels. As one report shows, many countries apparently wanted to reduce this requirement with lobbying efforts.

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According to a BBC report, a United Nations report has tried to bring attention to the need for many countries to move rapidly away from fossil fuels. Climate change To humiliate. It stems from documents from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which Greenpeace activists were able to obtain and share with the BBC.

accordingly, should Saudi Arab And Australia The report has campaigned for calls for a swift end to the dilution or complete removal of fossil fuels. Report is an important basis for talks at the upcoming UN World Climate Conference Glasgow Beginning of November.

essential part of the process

The IPCC, or the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, as the panel is known in German, stressed that the government’s comments form an essential part of the review process for the draft report, which is prepared every six to seven years. There is no pressure on the scientists involved to accept the proposals.

According to the BBC, the documents shared with journalists include nearly 32,000 submissions from various governments, companies and interest groups. For the most part, they have been prepared in a constructive way and according to the BBC aims to improve the quality of the final UN report.

different interests of the countries

NS Switzerland But that, for example, is said to have tried to undermine the importance of financial aid from rich to poor countries in the fight against climate change. End Brazil And Argentina There were arguments against the recommendation to reduce meat consumption.

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many countries including China And Japan, campaigned for technologies through which CO2 emissions should be forced rather than prevented. According to the BBC, several predominantly Eastern European countries are campaigning for a more positive view of nuclear energy.

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