Dragon Quest Treasures introduces you to treasure hunting and monster combat • JPGAMES.DE

Dragon Quest Treasures introduces you to treasure hunting and monster combat • JPGAMES.DE

Square Enix has released new information dragon quest treasuresWhich describes, among other things, the process of searching for treasure and how to deal with monsters.

The world of Draconia consists of different islands, each with its own unique character. On each island, two siblings Eric and Mida face different monsters. Luckily, some of these monsters cooperate with the heroes and use their treasure hunt skills to help them.

on the hunt for a great treasure

Many hidden treasures are waiting to be recovered. But how does the treasure hunt work in this game? First you activate Luck Finder. It shows you a direction in which the treasure is located. Then follow the arrow. If your monster indicates that it is excited, a Treasure Vision will be triggered by the Fortune Finder.

With the eyes of the monster you can see the place where the treasure is buried. With this information you continue the treasure hunt. Once you get to the right spot, a glossy floor marking will tell you the exact position. Now you can dig the chest and set the value in the base.

But always be on your guard! There are rival gangs who also hunt for the treasure and want to claim it for themselves. Dragon Quest Treasures is coming to Nintendo Switch on December 9th. there is a commercial version* and German texts.

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