Olympia 2022: Sweden sends harmless Canada home and into semi-finals – match to read

Olympia 2022: Sweden sends harmless Canada home and into semi-finals - match to read

The Scandinavians were able to play their part as minor favorites and ensured a worthy decision with two relatively late goals from Anton Lander and Lukas Wallmark.

As with Canada, the other major force in ice hockey is cleaning the sails. America had failed surprisingly before Slovakia.

In the semi-finals, the Three Crowns now meet Russia. In the second fight for the final, Finland and Slovakia face off. The semi-finals will take place on Friday at 5:10 am and 2:10 pm.

Olympic Beijing

Medal table in Beijing: Germany in second place

20/02/2022 AT 08:23

The German team had already failed in the first knockout round against Slovakia.

You can read the match here:

Final Score: Sweden – Canada – 2-0

4:43 PM – The game’s over

Sweden qualified in the semifinals! After 2018, Canada faced the next major disappointment and had to return home. But today that was not enough.

4:42 PM – Canada Desperate

Canada is waking up too late in this game. Suddenly North Americans are pushing back, but time is their worst enemy.

4:40 PM – That’s it!

Lander led Sweden to the semi-finals. Canada takes the risk and throws everything ahead. But after a mistake in the build-up, Lander grabs the puck and easily slides it into the empty goal to make it 2-0. KO for Canada.

4:38 PM – Locked down in Sweden

Meanwhile, the Yellow-Blue becomes dangerous only through counterattacks, otherwise they rely only on defensive work. Canada doesn’t know what to do with the puck. He has three minutes left.

4:34 PM – No Idea

Even at the faceoff point, the match is incredibly competitive. But frequent interruptions only benefit Sweden. Canada is no longer ready to turn the game around.

4:30 pm – Everything is under control

Canada bites its teeth against the clever Sweden. North Americans have five minutes left.

16:27 – Johansson fails

Again, Canadians made a mistake when setting up the game. Linus Johansson suddenly finds himself alone in front of Tomkins, but misses 2-0. that was close!

16:25 – Canada is challenged

Due to the deficit, now it is Canada’s turn. North Americans must now finally have something to offer in terms of sports.

4:23 PM – Target!

Sweden finally takes a chance! Lucas Wallmark takes advantage of a misstep within the Canadian back line and draws it dry to make it 1-0.

4:19 pm – Cracknell Dangerous

Now Canada again. Adam Cracknell tries it from a tight angle but doesn’t get the puck right on target. But at least one more chance.

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4:15 PM – Fifteenth attempt

The Canadians keep attacking, but they have nothing to offer Sweden in terms of play. The North Americans convince with physical commitment, but it certainly won’t result in goals being scored.

4:12 PM – Tomkins challenged

Swede tries from afar, but Tomkins shows no weakness, even with a vague view.

4:10 PM – No set-up possible

As before, the early pressure phases from both sides do not allow for an orderly build-up game.

16:07 – The Completion Begins

And we are in the last third. The decision about the final semi-final ticket is made now – or in extra time.

Info – everything is still open

With a score of 0:0, the result of the game is of course still completely open. Both teams find it difficult to develop and play according to their strengths. Interim Canadian volatility gives hope for an exciting final third.

Info – no spectacle

There were more highlights in the second period than in the first, but no goals. After Canada was also able to write about the great opportunities, the encounter was again more open. Sweden, however, has more shares in the game, but has yet to reward itself for it.

3:46 PM – Rebound!

The best choice for Canadians! Johansson briefly slipped the puck between his legs, but none of the Canadians could intervene decisively in the rebound. The target was in the air from anywhere, but could not be converted into anything. Two more minutes.

3:42 PM – Not much magic

After a while, the air leaves again. The charm of the game leaves much to be desired. Players again lose themselves physically.

3:40 pm – Lander also accepted

The game will be paused after only 3 seconds. The lander is tempted to intervene and has to approach the bench as well. There are still 5 minutes left to play in the second third. It’s still 0-0.

3:38 PM – Penalty instead of goal

The puck scored in Canada’s goal, but the game was called off before that. Jordan Weil took the bat out of his opponent’s hand – a two-minute penalty for him. Power Play Sweden.

3:34 PM – Tomkins!

Anton Lander with the best game chance! First, Tomkins defused a shot from Holmberg, then the Canadian goalkeeper saved again against Lander. Sweden Press Now!

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3:32 PM – Coming to Sweden

Meanwhile, Drei Cronan appears more confident and wants to hit the target. The lead is well deserved.

3:29 PM – Big savings!

Tomkins had to intervene properly the first time. Mathias Brom tries to perform acrobatics from the air, but Tomkins reacts quickly and deactivates the puck. The first really dangerous action!

15:26 – Olofsson is artificial

Olofsson tries and begins to attack, but is lost in the Canadian defense. Action shows that today there is no place for individual actions. There is a true defensive battle going on here.

15:22 – Toothless Sweden

The Scandinavians also recorded no action worth mentioning in the power play, with the match falling short of expectations.

3:20 p.m. – Attack after attack

Canada cannot use its superiority, the attack attempts are too harmless. To make matters worse, Canadians make mistakes when switching. Now Sweden is in majority.

3:17 p.m. – The fight continues

Canada builds up the pressure early on and forces Sweden to make a mistake. After the foul, Christian Folin has to be on the bench for two minutes. Power play for Canada.

INFO – Goals Barely Challenged

Even though figures currently show 10:8 shots per Swede, Lars Johansson and Matt Tomkins were hardly challenged. At the initial stage, different hazard probabilities could be recorded, but the actual target hazard was rarely revealed.

15:01 – first break

Canadians are showing a lot of wait-and-see attitude, while Sweden has not been able to capitalize on its past gains. The match has not yet lived up to its promises. But there are still 40 minutes left.

2:57 PM – Last leg

The first third is ending. Partying is high in Sweden. The shooting ratio is balanced at 8:8, but the Scandinavians certainly do more for the game. There are three minutes left.

14:53 – Sweden is underway

The Scandinavians are now full again and taking out the guns. But the front still hasn’t found a buyer, the attacks are worth nothing.

2:49 PM – Bus Ends

In a matter of seconds Canada comes close to three times. However, the puck only flies across the widest part of the goal.

2:47 PM – Will Power Play turn the tide?

Now North Americans have the advantage! Joachim Nordstrom gave two minutes to intervene. Canada’s Power Play rate is 36.5 percent – will it sound the same?

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2:45 p.m. – Pressure from Canada

Sweden now has some difficulties in establishing pronunciation. However, Canada cannot benefit from its pressure steps.

2:41 pm – Hardly any train reaches the gate

After a fiery initial phase, Sweden and Canada are now feeling each other. The puck changes hands frequently. Dangerous plays are rare. It’s still 0-0.

2:38 PM – Duel With History

Both the teams are facing each other here for the 18th time. Canadians descended from the ice 13 times. Is history repeating itself today? Canadians are currently winning more and more stages within the Swedish third.

2:35 PM – Canada in a headlock

Canada’s numbers are over, but Sweden’s quick start isn’t over yet. The Yellow-Blues still do not give up and hardly give any room to their opponents.

2:33 PM – First penalty

Sweden starts with a lot of pressure and receives the first penalty for the opponent. Jack McBain has to go to the bench, power play for Sweden. By the way, Canada’s penalty-killing is the best in this tournament. Can Scandinavians break the spell?

2:30 PM – Here We Go

And the final men’s quarter-finals has already started. Sweden took the first chance after 14 seconds! But zero is still there.

Information – Russia is waiting

Finland will face easy rival Slovakia in the semi-finals. Meanwhile, Russia meets the winner of the game.

Info – Last Ticket

We have already reached three quarter finals today. Russia beat Denmark at home (3-1), Finland beat Switzerland 5-1. Slovakia, on the other hand, made a big surprise and knocked out the United States of America from the tournament in a thrilling clash. Who completes the semifinal quartet?

Information – Who benefits?

There is no clear favorite in today’s duel. Sweden did not go into pre-qualification due to its strong performance in the preliminary round, but Canada was able to convince even without NHL professionals. Today the card has been shuffled.


Hello and welcome to the final ice hockey quarterfinal game of the day at the Olympics in Beijing, Sweden-Canada. the bully is over 2:30 pm, of course you can too On free TV on Eurosport 1 and Joyon+ . Live on Eurosport with to be there!

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