DSDS Juror Pietro Lombardi Ripped After Protz’s Allegations: “Please Shut Up”

DSDS Juror Pietro Lombardi Ripped After Protz's Allegations: "Please Shut Up"

“If you have no idea, please shut up!”

DSDS juror Pietro Lombardi torn apart after allegations of Protz’s collar

DSDS juror Pietro Lombardi alluded to his dismay in his Instagram story.


only with private jet Fly to Mallorca to film the new DSDS season And spend the night there in a pretty expensive finca: Pietro Lombardi is currently getting all the hype from the press. So much for the 30-year-old, who is now venting her frustration via Instagram Story: “If I am anything, it is everything – but no rush!” And when he’s at it, he does DSDS Juror Also a declaration to all who claim otherwise: “If you have no idea, please shut up!”

In video: Pietro and Laura Maria reveal baby’s gender

Pietro and Laura announce the gender of their baby "beautiful feeling!"

00:31 min

“wonderful feeling!”

Pietro and Laura announce the gender of their baby

Pietro Lombardi: “I Work Too Hard for My Money”

Wow, sat down! Pietro doesn’t let anyone know that he lets himself pay for everything and throws his money out the window for luxuries. “I paid for my flight and everything – including my finca”, the 30-year-old clarifies in his Instagram story. Pietro was with his pregnant Girlfriend Laura Maria Rypa (26) just to fly in a private jet to have more privacy and enjoy the time with it, As long as she can fly. The fact that therefore he is depicted as a swan goes to the winner of the DSDS 2011 (Stream the last DSDS season on RTL+ here) Strongly against grain. “I work very hard for my money and am so grateful, actually! And I know I would never be here without you”Pietro addresses his fans directly.

finally stands for dieter bohlens (68) The jury-brother but anyway there is only one thing in mind: “The most important thing to me right now is that my wife is doing well.” Exactly – and that too Mini Lombardi!


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