Ecuador: More than 50 dead in prison rebels

Ecuador: More than 50 dead in prison rebels

Misbehaved with many prisoners Ecuador Dozens have died. Police said on Tuesday that more than 50 prisoners were killed in violent clashes in several jails.

“Lenin Moreno wrote,” Criminal organizations are committing violent incidents simultaneously in many jails Twitter. “Police and Home Office are working to regain control of the Guayaquil, Cuenca and Latakunga prisons.”

Firearms, machetes, knives

After the security forces brought the detention centers under control, investigators vandalized the cells. The prosecutor announced that firearms, machetes, knives and cell phones were seized in Guayaquil.

“I just got out. He knocked on the doors and shouted, “A visitor from Cuykena prison told the El Universe newspaper. “You killed one – I saw.”

Initially, there were talk of ten dead on Tuesday. Police Chief Patricio Carrillo said eight people died at a detention center in the port city of Guayaquil. Two people were killed in the riots in Quenca.

Later the number increased rapidly. The background of the prisoner’s rebels was initially unclear. Interior Minister Patricio Pajamino called for concrete action by criminal organizations.

Earlier there were riots in many jails of South American country. Violent clashes were also reported from the Cotopaxi detention center. Police shifted additional units to jails to bring the situation under control.

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