Elder Scrolls Online – “Ambition of Flames” DLC delivers two new dungeons, a new champion system and more for PC / Mac

Elder Scrolls Online - "Ambition of Flames" DLC delivers two new dungeons, a new champion system and more for PC / Mac

Elder Scrolls Online: Flames of Ambition is now available for PC / Mac. The DLC game pack includes two new epic dungeons and opens the year-round storyline for 2021: Gates of Oblivion. In addition, update 29 for PC / Mac was also released, which includes a number of free changes and improvements for all players, including a rearranged champion system for high-level characters.

Ambition and update 29 flames will be available on March 16 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

In the DLC and Free Base Game updates, players can expect:

  • Two new dungeons: Black Dragon Mansion and Caldron
  • The first part of the year-round adventure for 2021: Gates of Oblivion
  • New rewards including item sets, achievements and collectibles
  • A revised champion system and a better character overview
  • Even more!

Two new Dungeons: Black Dragon Villa And Boiler

At Black Dragon Villa, players team up with adventure forest fish scout Ewley Sharffil to discover the once-proud estate’s hidden archives, which have now become home to monsters and arsonists. More details are available about the Black Dragon Villa ESO website.

The cabbage represents a long-forgotten mine, inside which the cult of the Jagriti Jwala has enslaved the inhabitants of the region, only to dig its way through the ruins dug beneath it. with the help of Dermora Lirath Players must make their way through Dedrick animals and agriculturists, free the prisoners and thwart their plans before completing their secret work. More information about the boiler can be found at ESO website.

Update 29: Modified champion system, improved character overview and more

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With the modified champion system, players can customize their characters with three modified constellation groups in their chosen play style. These changes also introduce a champion bar that allows players to equip four powerful passive boons for each constellation.

In addition to the new Champion system, update 29 includes improvements and improvements, including an updated character overview with extended stats. Players can now more accurately see how individual changes – champion points, equipment, items, or features – affect their character and its effectiveness.

Players can access the Flames of Ambition DLC via A ESO Plus Membership Or by purchasing them directly for the crown at the crown shop in the game. Patch notes for full details on Patch of Ambition and Update 29 can be found in our Official forum.

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