Evelyn Burdecki Loses Weight: The Kitchen Chaos On “Celebrity Baking”

Evelyn Burdecki Loses Weight: The Kitchen Chaos On "Celebrity Baking"

Sometimes sweets get sour…

On Wednesday evening the new season of “Das Gros Promibachen” began on Saturday 1.

Eight stars make up all kinds of sweets and are rated by two masters of the business after each round. Have a trophy and 10,000 euros for a good cause. Professionals for a long time had to pay attention to the creations of TV blonde Evelyn Burdeki (33).

Celebrities like actor Hardy Kruger Jr. stood by him. TV Kitchen also stars comedian Faisal Kavusi (30), former boxer Sven Otke (54) and actress Jenny Elvers (49). All have been previously trained by pastry chefs. With Evelyn, however, everything went haywire.

Even the first task was a big challenge for the reality star. Candidates should prepare their favorite recipe in two hours. Evelyn had chosen cheesecake. “It tastes best with my mom. We’ve already told her she should make money from it.” If she had seen Mama better.

What are the celebrities cooking? Reality TV star Evelyn Burdecki (from left, 33), dancer Detlef Soost (51), actress Jenny Elvers (49), actor Hardy Kruger Jr. (53), the influential Sarah Harrison (30), comedian Faisal Kavusi (30), actress Natalia Avalon (41) and ex-boxer Sven Otke (54) Photo: SAT.1 / Claudius Flug

The recipe said “add egg yolk,” but Evelyn forgot to separate the yolk from the white. Her excuse: “I just can’t read my writing.” Time passed by. While the others were already putting their creations in the oven, the blonde touched the quark cream and shouted: “Oh my god, I can’t do that.”

Later the cake broke in its shape. The chatter tried to praise the jury’s work with flowery words. “This is a wonderful cheesecake with leeks on the sides, imaginatively crafted.” As expected, the taste test came out negative. Confectioner Bettina “Betty” Schleifeck-Burchard (50) said: “You tried hard, but the cake definitely isn’t there.”

Evelyn was completely round in the second round. Franzbroten must be baked. Burdecki was shocked: “What is Franzbroten? Is there a picture of it?” This maneuver also went wrong. Evelyn did not like the volumes. An off-screen voice commented maliciously: “25 grams of flour isn’t meant to be poured into everything that’s still there.”

He also allowed butter to burn in the pot

He also allowed butter to burn in the potPhoto: Saturn 1

Meanwhile Evelyn was burning butter in the pot. The only thing that helped him was the gallows’ humor: “Such a crispy taste can’t do any harm.” In addition, a plastic filter burned on his stove. Evelyn replied: “That’s why it smells so bad here.” The judges’ decision was clear. While confectioner Christian Humbs (40) was still bravely chewing on Franzbroten, his colleague said sternly: “It is not baked. Not even raw, but I wouldn’t want to end it.”

When it came time to create something that represented your own personality in the third round, Evelyn decided to have a cake in the shape and color of lipstick. But she forgot to grease her baking pan. The dough stuck. Moderator Anne van de Meiklokjes (47) recommended: “I think it’s better to make it new.” It didn’t help much either.

In the end, Evelyn got the worst result and had to leave the show as the first candidate of the season. Her conclusion: “At least I can stir now.”

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