Fans shocked by Dieter Bohlen’s face

Fans shocked by Dieter Bohlen's face

In his latest video on Instagram, Dieter Bohlen talks about a moving encounter. Many fans are happy about the story on the beach, while others only pay attention to the face of the TV star.

1.5 million people follow dieter bohlen Meanwhile the pre-modern talking star on Instagram gives them all the time insights into their everyday lives. The musician is currently in Maldives with his family. There the 67-year-old is seen dancing with his partner Carina Walz on the beach or at their hotel.

In the latest video, however, the record makers get emotional. “Maybe you want to know what touches me about my little heart”, begins the nearly one-minute clip by Dieter Bohlen. A man came up to her on the beach. “He told me: ‘Mr. Bohlen, I want to thank you very much on behalf of all my family.

Bohlen taught him and his family for years that “you really have to be able to do something, that’s what you have to do” in order to be successful and satisfied in life. “I’m totally honest, that was always my biggest concern.” You can see what else Dieter Bohlen said about the meeting Here Or in the video above.

“You look different than usual”

Some fans in the comment column agree with the musician. On the other hand, others don’t even pay attention to what the former DSDS juror said, only his face. For example, at the bottom of the post a fan commented, “You look somehow different than usual.” Some users obeyed the user. Another user said, “I noticed too. I find my eyes very round. And he looks sick.” you can watch the video Here or above.

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Some adherents believe that it may have been an aesthetic procedure or an eye operation. However, others believe that this is only due to salt water and the sun. Maybe Dieter Bohlen just exaggerated with Instagram filters.

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