Finn is dissatisfied with his Tesla – and inadvertently blows it up – Panorama

Finn is dissatisfied with his Tesla - and inadvertently blows it up - Panorama

– 1500 kms – How long did Tumas Katainen from Finland have fun with his Tesla Model S? This was then estimated to cost 20,000 euros – the battery had to be replaced. Finn thinks it’s a cheek. And ended his vehicle infested with 30 kg of explosives.

Estimates of a cost of around 20,000 euros brought the barrel to overflow. Tuomas Katainen owned a used Tesla Model S at least 1500 km long. Then an error code appeared that made the vehicle unfit to drive. “The car was in the Tesla dealer’s workshop for a month and then I got a call saying there was nothing they could do for my car other than replace the entire battery cell,” Catanon explains. Cost: At least 20,000 euros.

The Californian e-Runabout was eight years old at the time, and the warranty, which Tesla limited to a certain mileage, didn’t apply. Reason enough for Katanon to take the car to the mine and blow it up there. Finn turned to YouTubers who were well-known in their home country and who called themselves “Pommijätkät” (German: “Bombotypen”) on the video platform and blew up the electric car instead of repairing it.

After a massive bang and nearly 4 million views, the network is now talking about a crazy desperation campaign that’s unparalleled in terms of video aesthetics. Cold Finnish winter, snow and explosives – that goes down well with the community.

In fact, faulty batteries in older Tesla models repeatedly result in total economic losses. News portal specializing in electromobility ElecTrek It was last reported on a US-based owner of a Model S, who had to pay $22,500 to fix a similar malfunction. In older models, which were produced in significantly smaller quantities, the e-car manufacturer does not replace individual components, but only the entire system – which often exceeds the vehicle’s residual value. One The independent workshop eventually exchanged the defective part for about US$5,000,

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For the Tuomas Katainen, however, a free workshop was not an option and so the Model S had to believe it. After the explosion, the team carefully put the different parts back together and disposed of them. It is not known which car Katanen will buy next. In any case, it doesn’t have to be an old Model S.

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