German Relay Women Cheer at Oberhof – Biathlon – Winter Games

German Relay Women Cheer at Oberhof - Biathlon - Winter Games

The German women’s biathlon relay celebrated her first win of the season. At the World Cup in Oberhoff, the quartet, along with Vanessa Heinz, Janina Hettich, Denis Herrmann and Franziska Preis, beat Belarus (0/9) and Sweden 4 x 6 kilometers (0 penalties / 5 extra rounds) in 1: 14.31.5 hours. Beat in (0/5) through. The final runner of the DSV, Preuss, surpassed the stunning runner-up Elena Kruchichina by a margin of 17.4 seconds, which was able to keep Sweden’s final runner Hanna Oberg (+ 35.7 seconds) short.

While the German women celebrated their first relay victory in Canmore (Canada) since February 2019, the French women (2/10) and the Norwegian (2/15), who were also favorites, only finished fifth and seventh after penalties at the finish line. She has crossed.

Prussia: “We appreciate that”

“It’s awesome. It’s great for the whole team that everything has gone well today. Each of us really soaks up. We appreciate it. I’m so relieved and happy.”, It ejected the happy German runner Preuss after the race.

Heinz experienced and reliable – hand as third party

Runner Vanessa Hinz started the season as a regular and reliable. In her third season of winter, she was innocent for the second time. She went back on track in the fourth after a prone position, followed by a steep shoot in the second. After the first change, he was handed Hetich as the third place behind Lisa Vitjozzi (Italy) and Anais Bescond (France). Other favorites Norwegian and Russian were far behind: Ingrid Landmark Tanderwold lay down with three spare rounds and Avgenija Pavlova finished ninth and tenth with a penalty.

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Heinz was satisfied with his race and laughed: “I didn’t have time to drink coffee, there was a lot of pressure from the beginning. But it didn’t stress me that much” She added and added to the sports show: “I always have problems with cold hands. I wore extra thick gloves to this day. But to no avail. It still works up to the prone position. When I stand up, I really feel the trigger Doesn’t. But as long as it’s zero-five, it’s fine. Everything “, The Bavarian was happy about her flawless shooting, with which she fully compensated for her eighth-best run time.

Hettich with three spare rounds – fourth at switching

Janina Hettich also started her third World Cup relay effort smoothly. The strong prone shooter cleared everything in the first shoot. However, she had to reload three times, so she dropped back to fifth before replacing Dennis Herrmann. “No relay experience”Hettich said after the race at the sports show. “You run for the whole team and you want to do it particularly well. And after two mistakes you start shaking. I really didn’t want to make it so exciting.”

The trench of the leading French Anais Chevalier-Bouchet increased by 34.3 seconds. Prior to Hettich, Sved Lynn Persson, Belarusian Dzinara Alimbakwa and Russian Larissa Kuklina were also handed over. Norway can hardly improve to twelfth place with Ida Lien.

Herrmann advances to two

With only one additional proneness and standing and best advantage of his group, Denis Herrmann brought the German season from four to second. The Saxons who were in the rookholding closed the gap almost entirely. Just 2.9 seconds behind the surprise leader Hannah Sola from Belarus, Herrmann handed over to Preiss. Sved Elvira Oberg, who finished in third place, was over 25 seconds.

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Justin Brisaz-Bouchet (France) and Tiril Eckhoff (Norway), on the other hand, had a dark day, each standing twice in the penalty loop. Brisaz-Bouchet fell from the top to seventh, Eckhoff to nine to tenth. When he switched, the French were already over a minute behind, favorites from Norway by over two minutes.

Strong press to win

German final runner Franziska Preau initially ran for shooting prone at the same time as Bellonium Elena Kruchinkina – and was back on track after two lossless shoots. In the battle for third place, Hanna Obeberg from Sweden was about 15 seconds ahead of Russian Uliana Kaisheva. The decision was made in the final shooting. Preuss made no mistake, the Belarusian had to reload twice. Ruhpolding’s woman gained 20.5 seconds. Oyberg and Kaisheva also cleared everything, but Sved was fast on the way and came in third.

Preuss said that after the race he first called his friend Simon Schepp: “He said that I should take it as a compliment that I was allowed to run as the final runner. That’s how I approached the case. It hurt a lot on the final lap. But when I saw that the finish line But there was a hiatus., I was able to enjoy it. I experienced it for the first time. It’s a mega-cool feeling. “

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