Gunther Zauch’s tongue slips in an embarrassing way at WWM

Gunther Zauch's tongue slips in an embarrassing way at WWM

He is considered a moderation machine: Günther Jauch. But on Thursday evening, “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” Moderator of Celebrity Special. A gross mistake.

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since 1999 Gunther Jauchu with “Who wants to be a millionaireMost Germans consider him one of the best presenters in the country, almost as long regarded as the quiz master.

What was even more surprising was what audiences got to see on Thursday evening’s “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? – Celebrity Special”. Because when Zauch tried to switch to the first commercial brake, he slipped his tongue. Jurgen von der Lippes, who was then sitting in the chair opposite the moderator, pointed it out to him. And Guido Kantz also called from the side.

Gunther Jauch wanted to point out the hotline that viewers can call for the RTL charity marathon. But he said ARD instead of RTL. All of a sudden, irritatingly, “ARD donation marathon” began to be discussed in Jauch’s moderation. When his colleagues pointed this out, the 65-year-old reacted angrily in disbelief. “No,” he said. Apparently he didn’t want to admit it.

Jauch: “Before you separate the direction GEZ …”

But instead of laughing at it, as the audience in the studio at large, and confidently controlling the situation, Jauch took a dig at the public broadcaster. “I just wanted to say that ARD should set up this kind of fundraising marathon first,” he scoffed at the broadcasting company. It became even more clear: “Before you set it aside in the direction of GEZ,” Jauch said, it would be better to stay true to the “RTL Dan Marathon.”

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On Twitter, this resulted in a brief exchange between the two broadcasters. The ARD Communications Department tweeted, pointing to Jauch’s tongue slipping. RTL responded and wrote a spoken translation of its own station name.

The 65-year-old worked for ARD for years. Among other things, he conducted the weekly talk show on Sunday evenings for more than four years from September 11, 2011. he solved it with Anne Willow Which in turn he inherited at the end of 2015. The “GEZ” cited by Jauch hasn’t existed for a long time, which even the moderators should be aware of. The official name contribution has been broadcasting since 2013. The term “GEZ” is often used derogatively by critics of public broadcasting in relation to the alleged “compulsory fee”.

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