Harry Potter | Hogwarts Legacy won’t release until 2023, according to insiders

Harry Potter |  Hogwarts Legacy won't release until 2023, according to insiders

The role-playing game Hogwarts Legacy is currently one of the most eagerly awaited titles. While no official release date has been announced yet, an insider fears a delay in development.

A massive open-world game in the Harry Potter universe has been the desire of many fans for many years. As with Hogwarts Legacy, such a potential blockbuster is currently in development.

Players can create their own wizard or witch, attend the famous Hogwarts Magic School, and master all kinds of challenges. When said thrill can be denied, however, is still in the stars.

2021 was clearly missed

Originally, Warner Bros. assumed that the role-playing game could be published in 2021. However, last year it was postponed till 2022.

However, whether or not the open-world game will actually be playable this year is still in doubt. The first bad sign was the absence of an announcement at the Game Awards.

Furthermore, insider Colin Moriarty pointed out in a recent podcast that the development process is currently on hold. The expert expects a postponement until 2023.

job advertisements hope

In the past, a promising Harry Potter game had to be completely scrapped shortly before the announced release. This is probably one of the reasons why Warner Bros. currently keeps a low profile regarding official information about Hogwarts Legacy.

The fact that so-called “localization producers” were sought only a few weeks ago points to at least a certain amount of progress. Because the said job ads, for example, are targeted at translators who translate dialogues into different target languages.

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