Helen Fischer: Namibian nurses learn German with their hit

Helen Fischer: Namibian nurses learn German with their hit

Four nurses from Namibia ,

Helen was our German teacher

With HER, you learn a new language at a breathtaking pace.

Four Namibian registered nurses Susan (26), Ricky (26), Wistorina (26) and Sicilia (27) have been working at Düsseldorf University Hospital for two years. Of all men, Helen Fischer (38) opened the door to a new life for her – as an informal German teacher to African women.

German teacher Ulrike Beck (middle) with her class in Windhoek

Photo: Private

He tells Bild: “We learned German with Helen Fischer’s lyrics. She has a positive energy that has infected us from the first seconds. We love her. Helen is our role model. Her song ‘Atmalos’ is ours. It has become a motivational song. His music makes us happy, and the sadness of the house goes away.”

Four friends from Namibians completed a German course at the Goethe-Institut in Windhoek between August 2019 and April 2020 – no easy task.

Hits of Helen Fisher

Helen Fisher’s hit “Atmalos” became the song of fate for Sicilia, Wistorina, Susan and Ricky

Photo: Schneider Press

Susan: “We had to learn a lot every day. Often tired. One day our German teacher played Helen Fischer’s ‘Atmalos’ song for us. We just loved it, danced and had fun. Every day we Wanted to hear it. We learned the lyrics and sang together. It became our song!”

Young women’s biggest dream is probably no surprise: “Meeting Helen Fisher in person!”

This may be true, at least a little.

On Saturdays, Susan, Ricky, Wistorina and Cecilia get a little closer to their idol: the four of them go to Munich by train and attend their Helen’s concert there (120,000 fans!).

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