Hi Internet Explorer, It was an honor…

Hi Internet Explorer, It was an honor...

Sometimes anyway. Internet Explorer has been completely shut down.

Tech giant Microsoft completely shut down its iconic Internet Explorer (IE) browser on June 15, 2022. The Redmond Company did this a year ago in his blog declare. This means that all Windows users who depend on the browser will have to switch to Microsoft Edge. Internet Explorer is not supported by Microsoft functionally or in terms of security.

Microsoft introduced Internet Explorer 27 years ago as an add-on package for Windows 95. Subsequently, Microsoft’s Internet browser was made available as part of a package with later versions of Windows, replacing Netscape Navigator and becoming the undisputed No. 1 browser.

Internet Explorer peaked in 2003 with a global user share of 95 percent. After that, however, Internet Explorer experienced a major decline because it could not keep up with other browsers. Microsoft hasn’t released any new versions or major updates for Internet Explorer since 2016. In fact, Internet Explorer 11 is the final version – it was released 9 years ago in 2013.

At the latest with the release of Microsoft Edge, which is now based on Chromium, it was clear that IE was threatened with an end. After the 2015 release, Edge became more and more popular with its “chromium underbody” and also known as the mobile version for Android and iOS. Statistically, it is the second most used browser today after Google Chrome.

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