IOS: free app for space exploration

IOS: free app for space exploration


IOS: free app for space exploration

The free app “Starlight – Explore Stars” is the perfect companion for hot summer nights.

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Konstantin Krueger

11.05.2021 – 15:02

Do you want to explore the night sky on beautiful summer nights? Then the currently free app for iOS devices is right for you.

Users of iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads are currently allowed to use free app This is particularly popular. Especially now, when the nights are getting warm again, you should try it once, because it introduces you to the stars.

Free app in app store

For iPhones and iPads you can currently secure a free premium app in the App Store, for which you would otherwise have to shell out 2.29 euros. The application is “Starlight – Explore the stars”. The planetarium app is exactly what you need when you are out on a clear and hot summer night and want to see the starry sky up close. The free app gives you access to many star maps with which you can better find your way around the night sky and identify individual stars and constellations. The application’s database contains more than 100,000 stars.

if you Looking for more constellation apps, We have other cool options for you besides “Starlight – Explore Stars”. But iOS users are not the only ones who can wait for free apps. For example, you can currently get good PDF software in Microsoft StoreOtherwise it will cost 20 euros. If you do a lot of manual work, it can be worthwhile Take a look at this protractor app.

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