Jai Khan Lost 7 Pounds In 6 Weeks: Here’s How I Strengthened Myself For Tower Diving

Jai Khan Lost 7 Pounds In 6 Weeks: Here's How I Strengthened Myself For Tower Diving

Six weeks of hard training built this amazing body!

Pop star Jai Khan (40) is performing live at “RTL Termsprung” tonight. For the event, the boy band singer (“Team 5ünf”) trained to the point of exhaustion and transformed his body in amazing ways. Washboard for diving board!

In six weeks, Jay lost seven kilos, built a lot of muscle. And you’ll see it on Springboard on Friday.

Band collaborators Mark Terenzi (l.), Angela Finger-Erben and Jay Khan training for “RTL Tower Jumping” (from 8.15 pm) Photo: Picture Combine/DPA

Jai Khan to Build: “Two months ago I turned 40 and no longer feel comfortable in my body. I felt a little sore and over time I got quite comfortable. That’s when I knew I was ‘rtl Participating in ‘Turmsprung’, that was the reason I got my body in top shape.”

Together with his personal trainer Mike, he achieved an impressive result in just six weeks.

Jai Khan: “It’s been a lot of fun training now and I want to keep doing it. I realize I need it for balance. But I know my limits.”

Steroids and anabolic steroids are no substitute for Jai Khan. He trains his body with free weights and his own weight on fitness equipment from his feet to his shoulders.

Khan ends each workout with a “hit” on the treadmill: 10 1-minute laps, of which 40 seconds are brisk sprints and 20 seconds are full sprints. Khan: “It really burns calories and greatly aggravates your condition.”

Jai Khan shows off his chest tattoo

Jai Khan shows off his chest tattooPhoto: Geisler-Photopress

With his muscular upper body, Jay’s tattoos are particularly effective now.

Jay: “Some people are scared to see me shirtless. I’m an Aries and I have big Aries horns on my chest with the names of my dead grandparents.”

Jai Khan has also tweaked his diet for his body: “I’m totally on a combination of food. Carbs in the morning and post-workout carbs and the rest just protein.

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