Janina’s jungle camp evicted behind the scenes: RTL denies rumours

Janina's jungle camp evicted behind the scenes: RTL denies rumours

“Jungle” candidates Janina Yusufian (left) and Linda Nobat repeatedly clashed in front of the cameras. rtl. screenshot via

Jungle Camp

Jungle Camp Model Janina was faster than expected for Yusufian. Just three days after the TV debut, he had to leave the camp again. Reason: Disgraced fellow candidate Linda Nobat (27), 39, racist. Yusufian said several times during Sunday night’s debate, “Go back to the bush where you come from, which the audience saw on Monday night.

New details of “Build” newsletter now showingWhat happened behind the scenes after getting fired? Janina Yusufian was ordered to call the forest on Monday morning (local time), where she was told she had to leave the camp. So he had to pack his luggage immediately and was taken out of the camp by the security guards and then taken to his hotel.

The broadcaster has now denied reports that RTL Janina Yusufian initially wanted to stay in the camp.

After being thrown out a day, already at home on the plane

However, they were not allowed to return to the five-star lodge in which candidates are ordained before the start. Instead, she and her partner, Yvonne, had to look for a new hotel for Monday through Tuesday nights. He is also said to have been given a return flight ticket for Tuesday.

Model apologizes the day after being kicked out instagram publicly for their racist derailment. “My behavior and my statements to Linda cannot be forgiven,” writes Janina Yusufian. “I accept RTL’s decision and would like to express my gratitude Casteism Distance.” Because she herself is of a migration background, she knows how painful such humiliations are. Still, she would have thought right if not only she, but her partner in the controversy, Linda Knobat, had been removed as well.

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RTL denies report about candidate’s claim

In form of “image“Reported, citing a production employee, several other Jungle Camp contestants demanded consequences soon after Janina’s racist derailment, but RTL initially wanted to keep her in the camp – possibly in connection with the fact Even in that there were no other followers available.

,But then it was feared that the contestants would talk openly about this incident after the show. And that there’s a bullying scandal with ‘Celebrities Under the Palm Tree’,” the production staffer described the change of course as a “build.”

However, the broadcaster denies this. A spokesperson told “Build” that there was no demand from other campers.


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