Julian Klaasen’s girlfriend was “taken for the homeless”

Julian Klaasen's girlfriend was "taken for the homeless"

Tanja Makarić is currently in Canada.Photo: Instagram/Tanja Makri

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In May, Julian Claeson made it public that he and his childhood sweetheart Bibi were no longer a couple. Both are parents to son Leo and daughter Emily. Bibi and Julian insist that children will always come first for them. He has lakhs of fans on his social media platform who were shocked by this message. After the love of the public, recordings were swiftly followed which reportedly showed him with new partners.

The 29-year-old has finally confirmed his love affair with former swimmer Tanja Makarik. Since then it has always been content for couples to be together, they even showed themselves kissing when they were in Dubai.

They are currently on their way to Canada to visit Tanja’s sister who lives there. During his stay in Vancouver, he checked in at a hotel. According to her own statement, Tanja had an unpleasant experience there, as she explained in her Instagram story.

Tanja spoke of misbehavior in the hotel

Tanja now has over 419,000 fans on his profile. She also advertises some brands as an influencer from time to time and it can be assumed that she makes good money with product placements. It was even more amazing what he had experienced in Canada. On her profile, Tanja said that “another really funny story” happened to her. However, judging by her story, Tanja couldn’t really laugh about it. Because he said:

Finally, the hotel employee grumbled: “‘Get back to that street where you are!'” Tanja said of the situation: “I was so shocked and you can’t say anything because you have to come here again and again. Julian was still up in the room.”

Tanja said she was taken to a homeless man.

Tanja said she was taken to a homeless man.Photo: Instagram/Tanja Makri

Speaking to her community, she said, “You know that feeling when you’re so nervous you can’t remember the room number? Then I was like, Oh my god, what room are we in again? Of course he was funny too. Now that was really, really rude.”

Soon after, as she left for a trip with Julian, she spoke to her community again. With a bitter taste, he insisted: “Now I’m back on my way like he said. Now we are on our way and going to our sister in the mountains. Hopefully we’ll see grizzly bears there.”

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