Keyway Co-op Puzzle Game Launches Today for Nintendo Switch and PC • Nintendo Connect

Keyway Co-op Puzzle Game Launches Today for Nintendo Switch and PC • Nintendo Connect

Welcome to Telepost! cute cooperative puzzler keyway is for now Nintendo Switch And PC is available. English publisher Sold Out is releasing engaging cooperative puzzle game today keyway Feather Nintendo Switch and PC. Game developed by Stonewheat & Sons soon PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | Also available on S and Xbox One.

The launch trailer on YouTube details the general daily chaos at the Kiwi-run post office:

Awarded “Best Family Game” at the Gamescom Awards 2020 keyway is a cute and chaotic co-op game in which two little Kiwis Jeff and Debra have fun but also busy work in the mail room. Since both birds cannot use their hands, they have to work their way through an interactive landscape of levers, bells and buttons to type telegrams, post packages, and send instant messages. After all, Swiss Post can’t take a break!


  • chaos in the mail room – In the role of a kiwi bird working in the post office, players type telegrams with a friend, send instant messages and deliver packages to keep the mail moving.
  • Weirdest, More Chaotic Buy Mode – Players either work together on the couch or gather online in chaotic co-op mode.
  • sympathetic single player – Both Kiwis can be controlled with just one controller, to fully embark on a single Postal Service adventure.
  • dangerous postal environment – To become the master of the postal service, players must skillfully drive cute birds through post offices and mailrooms.
  • seasonal dullness – Winter weather, autumn storms and other hazards make work difficult for Jeff and Debra, but that doesn’t stop a true post professional.
  • Customizable Kiwi Fruit – Players can adjust the color of their kiwi’s feathers and unlock new accessories – Birds look even more adorable with hats!
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NS Nintendo Switchversion of keyway It also includes exclusive “Lavender Knight” and “Amber Knight” cloakroom accessories, with which players can make their mailroom a little more medieval. With these dazzling helmets and majestic shields, Jeff and Debra are well equipped to tackle the telepost out of respect for Bungalow Basin!

We had so much fun creating the world of Bangla Basin and coming up with the bizarre postal service scenarios that our little postal birds have to solve. We hope this is the start of a long and successful career in telepost for two of our feathered stars Jeff and Debra, and players will love the post-pandemic build for them.

Grant Geisel, artist B. Stonewheat & Sons

KeyWe is great fun for friends and families of all ages. The game’s light-hearted humor and cooperative solutions to puzzles made us smile over and over again during development. We are delighted that players can finally start their innings on the Telepost and we are excited to see if they become true masters of the Postal Service!

Katie Clarke, Senior Product Manager Be Sold Out

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