Leak shows map, editor and new characters for the first time

Leak shows map, editor and new characters for the first time

From Jonathan Harsh ,
The leaks for Diablo 4 happily continue. This time around, some screenshots are leaking showing various aspects of the action role-playing game that Blizzard would have preferred to keep under wraps.

Blizzard has a leak problem, that’s clear. Contents especially about Diablo 4 keep leaking to the public. The latest quests are some screenshots showing off some interesting features – including multiple classes, character editor, and more. Some information is obvious, others require interpretation. But one after the other.

This is the new information about Diablo 4

The pictures provide a glimpse of the Diablo 4 world map. Unfortunately, the captions are in Russian, but that’s enough for a first impression. What’s even more interesting is that there will apparently be six acts, plus a prologue and an epilogue.

Diablo 4: Developer Gameplay Demo (Video)

There are many screenshots for character editor. Obviously, there will be significantly more customization options than the predecessor. There are many options available in accessories, body types and colours. The attention to detail is shown in the fact that even pieces of jewelery like earrings can be selected and coloured.

More leaks for Diablo 4:

With the Druid, a previously unseen character can be seen. In addition, the magician and another person who may be the villain are clearly shown. Characters will have 24 skills, six of which can be equipped simultaneously, plus two slots that are probably available for passive skills.

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There is no exact release date for Diablo 4 yet. The action RPG has only been announced for 2023 and will be released for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. According to a leak, it could be during the Game Awards Advance sale will start from December 8, 2022,

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