Lenny faces mama Heidi Klum on the red carpet

Lenny faces mama Heidi Klum on the red carpet

A few months back, the 17-year-old followed in her famous mother’s footsteps as a model. Lenny Klum is now celebrating her red carpet debut: At a fundraising event in Italy, she grabbed everyone’s attention.

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was for years Heidi Klum Your daughter’s identity is protected and her face is always hidden. but at the age of 16 it was Leni Klum After all, old enough to be out in the open. For several months now, the teen has not only had her own Instagram profile, which is followed by nearly a million people, but is also following in her mother’s professional footsteps.

Glamorous mother-daughter performance

Late last year, Lenny celebrated her model debut favoring Mama Heidi on the cover of “Vogue” and has been pulling one job after another ever since. Now this 17-year-old girl appeared in a big look on the red carpet for the first time. On Saturday evening, Heidi took her daughter to a fundraising event in Capri and posed in front of photographers.

Heidi and Lenny Klum sparkled in their clothes at the competition. (Source: Jacopo M. Raul/Getty Images)

Both of them caught everyone’s attention with their glamorous lehenga. Heidi stunned in a silver, floor-length one-shoulder dress Elie Saab, which impresses with its ruffles and a high leg slit. The top model wore matching high heels.

Lenny impresses with deep neckline

Leni also opted for a metallic look and almost stunned her mother in a gold, figure-hugging sequin dress. Versace. One detail in particular caused a sensation: the deep neckline that ended just above the 17-year-old’s bottom.

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Lenny wore her long, blonde hair straight, and she chose just a few wispy ear studs for the eye-catching outfit.

family vacation in italy

But mother and daughter did not come to the gala alone. Heidi’s husband too Tom Kaulitz and his twin brother bill kaulitz Walked the red carpet on Saturday.

The Tokyo Hotel guitarist appeared in a silver metallic suit and wore a black shirt with a low cut. Brother Bill opted for a navy blue suit and high neck leopard print shirt.

The family is currently holidaying in Italy. In addition to Lenny, one of Heidi’s relationships with former Formula 1 manager flavio briatore The model has other children as well. 15-year-old Henry, his one-year-old younger brother Johann and baby Lou, who is eleven, visit a singer from their wedding seal.

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