Many uses in one small place – Maulberg

Many uses in one small place - Maulberg

Planners would again have to modify the redirection of the city center to the area of ​​Kufaragasse.

. In the presence of staff from the Südwest Planning Office, the Maulberg municipality once again began redesigning the city center in the Kupfergasse / Am Platz area at its most recent meeting. What is the quality of stay, how many concessions have to be given for car traffic? These are the central questions all political groups deal with – and now re-planners.

At the November meeting, civil engineer Thomas Hoffman from the Southwest Planning Office had already shown the Maulberg Municipal Council how development could happen on the surface of the district – for the better. It is a “mixed zone” with a wide variety of functions: rolling traffic, parking space, bike lanes and pedestrian zones, and finally green areas as well. The available space is about seven meters wide and is to be divided in half between cars and pedestrians, namely 3.5 meters each. As a result, one-way road regulation will be required in the future, requiring residents to detour up to 300 meters in the worst case scenario.

In the draft of this first plan, the removal of lanes and sidewalks was dispensed with along a pure play street. For safety reasons, he prefers to curb a flat with cars demarcated, after all, the district is also a way to school, Hoffman says. There is an opinion that Mayor Jürgen Multinar once again followed suit. “Conflicting targets” are mapped, as many requirements are placed in a very limited space.

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For free voters, Erich Potschies once again made clear that “increasing the quality of living” was the top priority in the quarter. In contrast to the current state of planning, free voters prefer a uniform surface for the entire traffic area, ie rejection of split pavements. The entire area should be equally available to all road users. Since there is no traffic via Kupfergasse and Am Platz, walking or 20 km / h is possible.

Christian Lezkowski set similar goals for the SPD parliamentary group spokesman. Planned traffic calming is a future-oriented solution. He suggested enabling sloping parking for additional parking space. For CDU, Marcus Meiner also had a parking space in mind: “Parking pressure is not going to decrease.”

Christoph Schwald once again insisted for free voters that citizens would soon see that “they could get to the pharmacy faster by bike”, with Stephanie Skaar asking for the citizens’ union: “Residents from their cars Will not get rid because we want to “

Mayor Multnier reiterated his reservations about the mixed area without delimitation of the carriageway for children to play. And as per the wish of the parliamentary groups, it can also be a bit more green. Lines of concern appeared on the planner’s forehead, in view of the increasing number of special requests. Thomas Hoffman: “Finally, a garbage truck must also fit through the streets of Cooperface and AM Platz.”

Planners now need to look at designs and see what can be done. This year the initial shot for the 900,000 euro construction project will be given along with the renovation of all the lines.

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