Name and logo should be more serious

Name and logo should be more serious

Free, Top Apps or “Number One”: Users promise something, but often don’t keep it, it’s everyday life in many app stores. For many providers, full promises or misleading names are true and cheap, the main thing being that their application is set up as much as possible. So that you can rely more on search hits and listings in the Play Store in the future, Google has new rules for Android apps names and logos Announced. They should become clearer and more understandable and applicable to developers of applications in the second half of 2021.

The app’s logo and name may not contain any information about future download rank

Anyone who does not want to risk going out of the Play Store with their app as a provider or who is not being accepted should note the following in the future: in name, in logo, and in the developer name Also, no information download rank or whether the app can be free of charge is allowed. In addition, the length of the app’s name should not exceed 30 characters. Direct requests such as “download now” or “update now” as well as sales campaigns should also be forbidden in this environment. The same applies to or to the names of the app and the developer.

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