New “Arcade Paradise” E3 Trailer Revealed at Guerrilla Collective Showcase

New "Arcade Paradise" E3 Trailer Revealed at Guerrilla Collective Showcase

During Guerrilla Collective, independent publishing label Wired Productions and cult video game developer Noseblade Interactive welcomed the audience to the King Wash Laundromat, the laundromat at the center. arcade paradise.

In a recently discovered training video on VHS tape, the King Wash Laundromat showcases exactly what is expected of Arcade Paradise employees – from doing laundry to throwing out the trash. Do you want to be a perfect employee? Watch the video till the end because you need to know every step to get a happy customer.

Players will learn how to operate the King Wash Laundromat in Arcade Paradise’s E3 trailer. But no one really wants to run a laundromat; They want the biggest arcade in the world. If this sounds like you, here are three simple steps to success: play, profit, and buy.

Play different games, get high scores and challenge your customers to beat them to earn profit. Use this advantage to order new cabinets. Buy cabinets in Arcade Paradise to attract more customers to your arcade. These are original games inspired by classics from the old arcade era, some of which are featured in an E3 trailer for avid fans to discover.

Arcade Paradise Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series S | Coming to X and Xbox One. Future arcade owners can learn more about the game Website From Wired Productions.

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