Oliver Pocher irritated by reaction to Amira’s appearance

Oliver Pocher irritated by reaction to Amira's appearance

Oliver Pocher has already criticized Amira’s “Let’s Dance” performances.Image: DPA / Rolf Weinberd

last week’s experience Amira Pocher In the sixth “Let’s Dance” show of the current season, her initial highlight: Massimo Sinato and she received 30 points for her Charleston. More is not possible! This Friday, the program featured a slow waltz that wasn’t convincing enough, with the couple dancing “only” collecting 22 points from the jury.

was in the studio Oliver Pocher Attendees, who supported his wife directly on the site. However, at a crucial moment, he reacted with considerable hesitation – much to the confusion and amusement of the TV audience.

Oliver Pocher Isn’t Too Excited On “Let’s Dance”

After a good performance, “Let’s Dance” is known to the studio audience to a standing ovation. The same was the case with the Waltz by Amira and Massimo. The two were allowed to celebrate before the jury heard the criticism.

Ironically, Oliver Pocher got up from his seat very slowly only when the last one had faded, while everyone around him cheered. Didn’t Amira’s performance really knock her off her stool?

Oliver Pocher cheers Amira in the studio.

Oliver Pocher cheers Amira in the studio.Image: RTL/Screenshot

anyway, it was on Twitter Then diligently teased the 44-year-old. “Oli is really good at supporting” For example, an apparently ironic comment is social media,

In fact, Oliver Pocher even explicitly criticized Amira’s “Let’s Dance” performance this week. “Personally, I didn’t think it was a 30-point dance, if I may say so at this point,” he told the joint podcast “Die Poachers Higher!” said in. to open. According to his own statements, he liked last week’s contemporary better. Amira’s reply: “Wow, criticism from husband.”

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This Friday, by the way, Oliver Pocher generally held back with emotional outbursts in the studio: after the dance of Vadim Garbuzov and Sarah Mangione, unlike the rest of the audience, he did not get up at all, with Bastian Bielendorfer and Ekaterina Leonova it was clearly not even enough to applaud.

However, the comedian may still be processing the slap that rapper Fat Comedy gave him about two weeks ago when he was a guest at a boxing match. The Public Prosecutor’s Office filed a criminal complaint against the offender. Later, Amira was particularly surprised that no one in the hall jumped on her husband’s side at this time.


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