Open Documents in Google Drive with Various Apps

Tom’s Tip of the Week: File Editing Beyond Google Open Documents in Google Drive with Various Apps

Documents and files stored in Google Drive can be opened not only with standard programs, but also with additional applications that can be integrated for free. This also applies to office documents.

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Programs that are not provided by Google itself can also be used to edit files stored in Google Drive.

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When a document is opened in Google Drive, Google uses the default program stored for the subscription or file. Usually these are standard programs from Google, i.e. Google Docs, Sheets or Slides. By selecting “Open With”, the interface displays the available applications in the context menu with which the document can be opened online.

Google offers a number of apps that can be added and removed from the account at any time. There is no installation on a local computer, apps can only be used in Google Drive with a Google account.


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Link additional online apps to Google Drive

There is also a “Link More Apps” option available. In a new window, you can now choose how many apps should be used to open the document. You can also search for apps in the search field. After selecting the app, the installation still needs to be approved for a Google account. After that, the app will be linked to the account and the document will be available to open.

Apps can also be uninstalled at any time. Options for this can be found under “Manage applications” in the Google Account settings. At this point, all additionally linked apps can also be removed from the account. The created files will remain intact as they are in Google Drive. It is also possible to install multiple apps that support the same file type and each open files with a different program.

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