Ruth Moschner mocks Uli Hoen and Alphonse Schuebeck

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Ruth Moschner rarely mince words: the TV presenter shot Uli Hone and Alphonse Schubeck on Instagram. The reason for this is the tax affairs of the FC Bayern icon and celebrity chef.

Munich — For Uli Hon (70) In 2013 things got really tight: the then FC Bayern president found himself – in front of the public – accused of tax evasion. After a sensational trial, the 1974 soccer world champion finally went behind bars – a fate that now threatens even his friend Alphonse Schühbeck (73), who is currently on trial. A joint photo, also shared by moderator Ruth Moschner (46), on social media, is now fatal for the two.

Old ad photo blows up in Uli Hoenes and Alphonse Schuebeck’s faces – Ruth Moschner laughs with them

In 2011, years before tax charges against Uli Hoeneß and Alfons Schuhbeck surfaced, the two entrepreneurs struck a deal with a well-known fast food chain, which garnered a lot of media attention. The two hamburgers were made for a limited special offer, which was advertised during the “Huttengaudi” special offer week. Two people closely associated with FC Bayern had no idea that a photo of the two presenting their product at a branch would lead to ridicule on the Internet more than a decade later.

That’s why Alphonse Schuhbeck, who is said to have misled the tax office, is now on trialA resourceful net user snapped a picture from the collection and jokingly captioned it: “Now there are tax-saving tips for every menu from Munich financial experts,” the above snapshot shared not only by several Internet users, but also by ProSieben celebrity Ruth Moschner. The 46-year-old can only laugh at the couple’s financial misunderstandings.

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Tax Evasion in the Billions – Every Year!

It is not known exactly how much money is smuggled into the Federal Republic each year with the tax authorities. However, the estimates give cause for concern: Thomas Eigenthaler of the German Tax Union in 2019 gave an interview with Deutschlandfunk He considers “a loss of about 50 billion euros per year in Germany”. However, this estimate is trending upwards.

Ruth Moschner Shares A “Really Bad” Pic — Criticism Of Hoen And Shuhbeck From Fans Too

“Bad, really bad,” wrote Ruth Moschner of her Hones-Schuhbeck contribution, which collected over 1000 likes in under an hour. In the comments to the post, however, a mix of amusement, anger and understanding could be read: “How can you not feed yourself?” One user was annoyed, another put it down Uli Hohn’s recent reaction to Qatar’s critics Then there is the irony: “In addition, the gentleman on the left is also the human rights officer of FC Bayern Munich.”

A third comment said: “But someone is still missing, too [ein] A Bayern fan who now lives in England.” Boris Becker is said to have developed exemplary after his sentence in prisonAs an insider revealed recently. Sources used:,

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