Second grade test game: polar bears are learning something new – SPORTS – News

Second grade test game: polar bears are learning something new - SPORTS - News

Polar bear Eric Kereszturi and his team struggle to keep track of the target. Photo: Andreas Niklo

Regensburg.EV Regensburg’s polar bears could continue: even though it lost 1:2 (0:1, 0:1, 1:0) against ESV Kaufbeuren’s DEL-2 allies, 1379 spectators donated to the team At the end of the game, coach Max Kaltenhauser applauded warmly.

Austrian second division club Zell am See saw some personnel changes compared to 8:4 on Friday. Lars Schiller stopped in defense. American striker Kyle Osterberg has been rested. His position alongside Nikola Gajowski and Richard Divis was initially taken over by Christoph Schmidt, who played for Degendorf twice during the week. And Matteo Stohr went back into the attack instead of Lucas Wagner.

As compared to DEL-2 with Castle’s top team, things moved faster with the loss of the Polar Bears. The first shorthand lasted 22 seconds after penalty time for Erik Kerszturi, then Allgau took the lead with ex-Regensburg Tomas Schmidt/Simon Schutz in the first line of defenders. Canadian trio John Lammers and Jacob Lages scored with goaltender Tyler Spurgeon.

successful test

The polar bears needed some visual adjustments throughout the third round. Jacob Weber received praise for a successful investigation in the second division as an expression of his high level of physicality. And the Regensburg team survived the second penalty (Patrick Demetz/14th).

It remained a good learning game for the DEL-2 emergency starting 16 September. Because in the second round, Kaufberen, who had only six defenders and eleven strikers in contrast to the full Eisberen squad, was also superior in places in terms of speed. Good Polar Bears goalkeeper Patrick Berger always had a chance to excel – for example against Johannes Krauss (30th). He was then powerless against Nicolas Appendino, who appeared free before Berger and converted in 0:2 (33:19).

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But the polar bears made an effort: Daniil Pronin had a good individual action (35:07). And then there was a better number for the first time, even twice for 60 seconds: Richard Divis (post and just wide) was the closest to the power play goal, having scored four times in Austria on Friday. After 120 seconds, the polar bears were rewarded for their stamina: Tomas Schwamberger’s return from the penalty box was perfect for Jacob Weber’s top pass: the German-Czech calmly converted 1:2. It again picked up the pace and brought opportunities, but no longer equalized, despite the 20 second number exceeding 6:4 and a time-out shortly before the end.

Statistics: Regensburg – Kaufberen 1: 2 (0: 1, 0: 1, 1: 0) Regensburg Polar Bears: Berger-Gulda, Heider; Weber, Tipman; Buehler, Schuetz; Demetz-Schmidt, Gajowski, Schmidt; Ontl, Kereszturi, Hager; Schimbri, Schwamburger, Pipponen; Pronin, Schmid, Stohr, Matus; ESV Kaufberen: Meyer-Schmidt, Schutz; Thiel, Appendino; Actler, Orendorz – Lammers, Spurgeon, Lilich; Gorsik, Lages, Schweiger; Lewis, Laksonen, Cross; Oswald, Thomas

Door: 0-1 (2:16) Spurgeon (Lammers-Lages at 5-4), 0-2 (33:19) Appendino (Laxonen-Thiel), 1-2 (42:00) Schwamberger (Weber)

Referee: Reuben Kapzon and Stephen Bauer. , the audience: 1379. – Penalty Minutes: Regensburg 8 – Kaufberen 4

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