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With electric cars, the engine hum, which is familiar to combustion engines, is missing as a casing, and so some people notice the first time they switch on the car that the cars make a completely different noise. Some of them are even drive-specific — and it appears to have received several inquiries from Tesla customers. Because in online manuals for Model 3 to Model X you can now find audio samples that show what a Tesla might sound like.

Hum, hiss or pops from Tesla

Apparently new explanations and acoustic snippets were discovered this week in the reddit forums. They exist for all Tesla models, although the examples appear to be the same in each of the four manuals. The addition has already been implemented internationally, in English under the heading “Normal Operating Sounds” and in German “normal operating noise,

One of the tasks of the translators of this volume was to find the appropriate German word for “humming, whispering or whooshing sound”, which they resolved with “humming, humming or hissing noise”. This can be heard when the air conditioning for the interior and/or the battery is in high demand, it explained. Tesla can rattle, click, pop or even throb when the contactors are closed or the battery parts react to temperature changes.

Electric car warning sound varies according to direction

It seems that some Tesla owners have asked the service why the steering wheel sometimes vibrates, as there is also an audio sample and an explanation – this is where the Lane Departure Warning System reports. Same goes for the pedestrian warning sound that Mandatory for all new electric cars from last summer Is. According to Tesla, when driving slowly, it spins or chirps a little differently depending on the direction. This and the other listed noises are not a cause for concern, the manual assures. However, the examples are not intended to replace a diagnosis.

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