Setting up HomePod | AirPods 3 Leaked

Setting up HomePod |  AirPods 3 Leaked
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Daybreak apple » Setting up HomePod | AirPods 3 Leaked | Record on MacBook – Daybreak Apple

Good morning everybody! HomePod’s funeral took place this weekend – well, it was a bit exaggerated, but at least the original is no longer being done by Apple and you have commented extensively on it. We also have some competition going on again. So welcome the observation in the morning.

This was a bit surprising: the original HomePod is being discontinued, recently confirmed by Apple. From now only the remaining stock will be sold and in future Apple will focus on HomePod Mini. This is a better technique in some cases, but by no means does it sound better. We asked you for your opinion on Apple’s move and you Responded abundantly.

At the same time we have Some Cheap Alternatives to HomePod Chosen.

What do AirPods 3 look like?

For example, various leaks of alleged AirPods 3 were spread recently To see with us here. More photos recently reappeared By 52AudioWho are about to showcase the new AirPods.

AirPods 3 Leaked - 52Audio

AirPods 3 Leaked – 52Audio

Allegedly they will be launched this month and should be Replace current AirPods 2.

In short

What else was important

We recently introduced the AdGuard app. According to the manufacturer, the application should help iOS users in the fight against pop-ups and advertising and offer parental control. We will outline the range of tasks and give Total ten monthly licenses For the application.

Apple’s MacBooks are still in demand.

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New sales records are also conceivable, at least Barclays analysts predict. Among other things, they rely on supply chain information, according to which some manufacturers His potential for the second half of the year Still have to expand. Further models with Apple silicon chips are expected in late 2021 – and possibly without a touch bar.

We offer demonetized apps.

And in the latest version of our AppSalat Some useful apps for taking quick notes Presented.

The new week comes well!

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