Shattered Heaven: Leonardo Interactive announces new RPG

Shattered Heaven: Leonardo Interactive announces new RPG

Global publisher Leonardo Interactive announced today that the exciting deck-building RPG Shattered Heavens is set to arrive on PC in Early Access in Q4 2022. Shattered Heaven is the new title of the internal development division Leonardo Productions and will be published by Leonardo Interactive.

Set in a dark fantasy world, Shattered Heavens combines classic card/roguelike gameplay with deck builder and RPG elements. Procedurally generated dungeons and an intense crafting system contribute to an immersive story with a multi-layered narrative structure influenced by player choices, brought to life in a unique 2D hand-drawn art style with dark Lovecraftian flair Is.

,I’m so excited to finally unveil my new in-house developed title: Shattered Heaven.Leonardo Caltagirone, founder of Leonardo Interactive, commented. ,We’ve worked tirelessly behind the scenes at Leonardo Productions to make our vision of this title come true, and following our successful Kickstarter campaign, we’ve built a solid community of fans and feedback to help shape future releases Is. We believe we have an exciting and compelling game ahead of us in working with Shattered Heaven, and we can’t wait for the fans and community to join us on our journey.,

Features of Shattered Heaven

Dynamic Deck Building – Players initially build a starting deck (three decks, one for each hero) and customize them by designing new decks with each playthrough.

Tactical RPG Battle – Players slay epic monsters and loot precious treasures in procedurally generated dungeons! They must constantly upgrade their equipment and improve their talents to face the dangers.

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Branches of the story A game with an ambitious, branching story, in which the decisions of the players determine the fate of not only the main characters, but of the world as a whole.

Unique mechanics – Each character has completely different mechanics and combat abilities that can be further customized through the items and talent tree.

Innovative crafting system – The dishes and treasures that players discover in dungeons allow them to make valuable potions and weapons as well as upgrade their gear.

Multiple levels of difficulty – At the beginning of each dungeon, players choose a difficulty level and a special effect that changes with each playthrough. Upon successful completion, players will earn Black Bones, which they can use to upgrade their heroes to the Dark Forge.

Shattered Heaven will be released in Autumn 2022 for PC. Fans can already add the game to their wish list on Steam

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