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The Tesla Drivers and Friends (TFF) forum is often busy anyway, but a new record could have been set on Wednesday. Among other things, buyers stay up to date on the expected arrival of their electric cars, and since afternoon the discussion on the Model 3 was overflowing with new posts. However, the occasion was quite unpleasant: Dozens of Tesla customers reported that the estimated delivery date of May or June was pushed back several months, in some cases to 2023. Similar changes are being seen in the Model Y in the long range variant, which is also coming to Europe from China.

Some Model 3 now only in 2023

As of the end of May, many customers still had the same month in their account as the expected delivery date, which apparently did not materialize. The delay is likely related to the lockdown in Shanghai, where Tesla had to shut down its Gigafactory by mid-April and then resume production only to a limited extent. at least they should now Tesla shipped from China with supplies Stayed. However, the dates displayed to customers were postponed not only to June or July, but almost to the end of the year. In many cases, they even slipped in early 2023.

At least 257 customers are affected in the standard version of the Model 3 alone, according to one that debuted on Wednesday. TFF. survey in Revealed: 317 members participated as of Thursday afternoon, and 81 percent said they had seen delays of several months. It is not certain whether customers who ordered the Model 3 and other variants of the Model Y also participated in the vote. Despite this, the number is surprisingly high. Several readers and viewers of the YouTube channel also reported such changes on teslamag.de for the Model Y in the China Long Range variant, but these did not extend into 2023.

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Tesla expected a software glitch

In addition to reports about individual appointments, various clarifications were published in TFF, which Tesla contacts provided upon request. The information was different. A chat employee is said to have informed two customers that the new information was accurate. Statements that Tesla had problems with a system change that temporarily confused the displayed dates were reported more frequently.

A request from teslamag.de to the company initially remained unanswered. At the moment, it’s hard to say what the current Tesla dates actually look like. A software issue is suggested by the fact that the expected delivery now displays in “January 21 – March 07”, according to a TFF member.

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