That’s why he’s missing out on the “Let’s Dance” tour

That's why he's missing out on the "Let's Dance" tour

Amira Pochar and Massimo Sinato danced together last season.Image: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

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Amira Pochar made it to the semifinals of “Let’s Dance” with dance partner Massimo Sinato. In the eleventh show, he was kicked out of the show. After he left, Amira said: “My first thought was: a pity, a lot of pity. My second thought was: I have my freedom again, I have my personal life again.” She was glad that now she did not have to get up early in the morning.

The mother of two sons insisted that the time was “extremely exhausting” for her, “but also extremely beautiful”. The big “Let’s Dance” tour begins in late October. On total 22 dates of the show, Stars Test your skills again on stage. Amira now explains why she will not be a part of the party.

Amira Pochar misses “Let’s Dance” tour

Feather instagram Amira started the question-and-answer session. A fan asked her: “What cities are you in on the Let’s Dance tour?” The 30-year-old added: “I’m not on tour. Would have been too far from home and it’s not worth the money in the world to me.” However, she was convinced that the tour would be great. However, viewers can still see Amira on the show despite her cancellation. Because she said, “Maybe I’ll look into it” Perfume above.”

Amira Pochar opens up about her rejection "let's Dance"-Travel.

Amira Pochar explains her cancellation for the “Let’s Dance” tour.Image: Instagram / Amira Pocher

The Presents isn’t the only favorite show missing from the tour. For example, Motsi Mabuse will not appear as a judge on five shows and will be replaced by Isabelle Edwardson. As planned, Massimo Sinato isn’t even on the dance floor.

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Explanation to Pietro Lombardi

By the way, Amira would definitely like to see a celebrity on “Let’s Dance” in the future – that is Pietro Lombardi. she appeared in the last one podcast The singer is confident that he will win. Poachers hasn’t appeared in public with Pietro Lombardi recently. fan Ever since Laura and Pietro’s gender reveal party, it was suspected that a similar feud with Stefano Zarrella might have happened.

Amira says she is in touch with Pietro Lombardi.

Amira says she is in touch with Pietro Lombardi.Image: Instagram / Amira Pocher

Oliver and Amira were also not present. When asked, “Aren’t you in touch with Pietro anymore?” The presenter now said: “Yes, of course.” She has also put a smiley face with hearts behind it. So they are still connected. Amira also lived with her family at Pietro’s house for several months after her house was damaged by a flood disaster.

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